Bold Colors to Transform Your Home


With 2023 right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make a change in your home that can be inexpensive but creates a major impact:  adding color.  Whether you are painting an accent wall, an entire room, changing up the hue of your trim or updating window solutions in a pop of color,  you can transform your view as well as your mood. 

Emotions are associated with colors in ways that you may not even realize. Colors have the unique ability to evoke feelings like happiness or sadness, so having an understanding of the psychological impact and meaning of colors can help you determine which hues to select for your favorite spaces. For example, warm colors like orange, yellow and red, which reside adjacent to each other on the color wheel, can call up feelings of optimism, happiness and energy.  Shades of green, blue and purple are considered cool colors, which are calming and soothing.  Pastel shades, especially cool toned hues in mint, lilac and light blue are thought to be relaxing. Bright, neon colors are high energy and will grab attention, so bold yellows, reds and greens are perfect for accent shades. The possibilities are limitless!


If you’re feeling intimidated by adding too much color or going too bold, work in a smaller room first rather than a large space.  Once you see how colors can make an area feel alive, you’ll feel more confident in doing so in a bigger or more prominent room.  So consider starting with a laundry room, play room,  mudroom or foyer.  In these spaces, a bold pattern or bright color won’t seem as daunting and will inspire you to continue refreshing your home through color. 

When picking a color to add to your space, look at the colors in the room, including all elements including the furniture, flooring, wall color, backsplash and molding.  Even if your design aesthetic falls in a more neutral palette, like predominantly favoring white, beige or gray, it is simple to incorporate accent colors that will pop and give the space a refreshed feel.  One of the most effective and fastest ways to elevate a room is to change the window solutions.  Unlike painting, you won’t have to clear out of the room while the window solutions are being changed, so let’s explore some options. 

Drapery panels are a great way to introduce color or fun patterns.  By layering curtains or drapes, you can add color and style to any space.  Another fantastic way to add color is with roller shades or cellular shades.  Roman shades can soften a room in the fabric used, incorporating texture, pattern and color. Let your inner design star shine and enjoy the process of selecting an exciting new window treatment.


Budget Blinds of Greenwich can help you find just the right window solutions to set a colorful and vibrant tone for 2023 and beyond.  Call (203) 580-3362 to schedule a free consultation.  We make the process simple, collaborating with you to find the right products for your style and budget, measuring with precision and making sure that you are thrilled with our professional installation.  


Photo courtesy of Enlightened Style.

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