Beyond Verticals: Exciting Options for Patio Doors and Sliders

Sliders and patio doors are lovely entryways to the outdoors, allowing access outside from rooms other than the main entryway.  These doors can brighten a room, provide a different feel to a space and create an ambiance that showcases a stellar view.  You may think that vertical blinds are the only way to cover these doors but there are myriad options available. Let’s explore some exciting choices that you haven’t considered. 


As sliding doors can be high traffic zones and the doors slide open vertically, you have two elements to keep in mind:  the window treatments need to be able to stand up to lots of daily use and the treatment should open in the same direction that the door does.  Balancing privacy with letting in lots of natural sunlight are also elements to think about when selecting the right coverings for these areas. 


A popular option is vertical cellular shades.  These beauties give you a clear view out of your sliders or patio door as well as control the temperature in that room.  Since they are made up of a honeycomb grid of cells, they contain air pockets that work as insulation to keep the warm air in all winter as well as maintain cool temperatures during the warm months. You may have cellular shades for windows in your home and this is the same concept except that the pleats for the vertical cellular shades run up and down rather than side to side. For a modern, clean look, vertical cellular shades surpass regular verticals.  Plus, you have the ability to select the direction of the shades that will open for maximum functionality. 


Sliding panels are a great choice.  Often called panel track blinds, you’ll enjoy a style that is sleek with the ability to cover or open them with ease to reveal your view.  You’ll find sliding panels in so many colors and fabric options to complement your decor plus choices in cord loop, wand, or motorization for ultimate convenience.  


Craving a more traditional choice?  Draperies and curtains are stylish, and soft and give your door an amazing pop of color.  Disguising the sliders when you don’t want to see them, drapery panels are a perfect solution.  Pick from bold patterns, colorful prints or neutral solids to accentuate your room.  Consider layering fabric window solutions like vertical cellular shades with blackout curtains for amazing results. 


There’s no need to figure out the best slider or patio door solutions for your home alone.  The professionals at Budget Blinds have been delighting customers for 30 years.  Not only do we have products that are designer-inspired, but we will also bring the showroom to your home. We can see your style, and the windows or doors to be covered and collaborate with you to find the best solutions for your home and your budget.  No job is too big or too small. Call Budget Blinds of Greenwich at  203-580-3362 to schedule your free consultation and transform your home in 2023. Let’s make this year one to remember! 


Photo courtesy of Enlightened Style. 

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