Best Window Solutions for Your Home Theater


Your home theater set-up is a thing of beauty.  The big screen is mounted on the wall, perfectly centered.  The video source and receiver are both top of the line and the quality shows.  You are as proud of your speaker selection as you are of your firstborn and they are strategically placed in the center, right, and left, both in the front and the back of the room, as well as a special speaker for Dolby Atmos and two subwoofers.  Ah….

All is well when you watch a film with the family in the evening, luxuriating in the comfy recliners with cup holders and bowls of freshly popped popcorn. But when you try to watch a baseball game during the day, that harsh glare on the screen is positively blinding and you feel like an umpire who can’t see the play. With all the technical and comfort-based advances in entertainment enjoyment, the one thing you forgot is to outfit your home theater oasis with window solutions. That’s where Budget Blinds of Greenwich comes in to save the day.

The sweet spot of window treatments for home theaters is in the blackout window arena.  Light filtering solutions let in glare that can impact your viewing experience negatively but blackout solutions will keep the entertainment flowing as if you were in a real movie theater.  Let’s deep dive into some popular options that enhance the viewing vibe. 

Blackout draperies are a rich option to really give your home theater a movie theater feel.  Incorporate a blackout liner and you’ll have darkness that can’t be permeated by sunlight.  Noise pollution is also handled with this window treatment, so your double feature won’t be interrupted by the noise of lawn mowers or barking dogs.  Plus, blackout draperies help with the acoustics, deadening echos so you can hear that surround sound as it should be. 

Blackout cellular shades are a great option for home theaters and media rooms, helping to keep your energy costs down thanks to the added insulation that the honeycomb cells provide by constructing a barrier that reduces heat transfer, keeping the space at a comfy temperature.  Available in lots of colors, you’ll have the perfect choice to elevate this space. 

Blackout roller shades are a modern twist that is easy to clean, simple to operate, and sleek enough to take up a minimal amount of space.  Consider adding a motorization lift, which is the ultimate convenience, requiring the press of a button to lower the curtain when it is showtime.  Have skylights or other hard-to-reach windows?  Blackout roller shades are a clear-cut winner! 

Don’t forget blackout Roman shades as a viable choice for this coveted space, fusing functionality and style in one ideal option.  Looking like draperies, they fit snugly in the window frame and fold up.  Say goodbye to sunlight glare and grab a seat for the 3:30 movie!

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