5 Tips for Decorating Small Rooms

All rooms have decorating challenges, but among the most challenging are small spaces. Select the wrong furniture, paint color or accent pieces, and a tiny room can feel even smaller. However, this isn’t a new problem. In fact, previous generations lived in much smaller spaces than today, with homes growing an average of 1,000 square feet since 1983. The result? People have come up with some innovative solutions for making your small rooms look larger.  

Use light window coverings and color tricks to transform your small space into one that feels more airy, open and inviting. Here are five simple tips to inspire your efforts:

1. Seek window coverings that complement small spaces. Large shades, such as Roman or cellular shades, can make a room look beautiful. But when decorating a small space, select options that are low profile to enlarge the room (e.g., roller shades, wood blinds and aluminum blinds). These options are subtle and won’t overwhelm the room.

2. Hang shades outside the window. Rooms look even smaller when the windows are tiny. Solve this challenge by mounting shades outside the window, creating an illusion of larger windows and more square footage in the space. Adding additional height and width where the window coverings hang also lets in more natural light.

3. Opt for lighter hues. Dark colors create a bold statement in a room, but if you’re working with a small room, always opt for lighter colors. For best results, select white or off-white window shade fabrics, which open up the space and amplify natural light.

4. Hang an oversized mirror in the room. Hanging an oversized mirror in the small space will help capture natural light, which brightens the room and makes it appear larger.

5. Create more space by removing clutter. Clutter makes a room of any size look smaller. Yet if you have a small space, you may struggle with storage space. Solve this challenge by selecting furniture that has built-in storage. For example, stash magazines, remote controls and other items inside an ottoman with built-in storage.

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