5 Simple Ways to Elevate Any Room in Greenwich

We’re all spending more time at home these days. Maybe your kitchen table has become a part-time classroom. Your den might be your office. Your garage might be doing double duty as a home gym for the whole family.  You’ve been creative about utilizing your space well. Now, let’s engage your inner interior designer and give these rooms the wow factor! 

*Make up for a lack of windows:  Every house has that room that feels like it could use an extra window or three. This space can feel brighter if you use window treatments to let in the maximum natural light. Instead of feeling closed off or dim, try sheer white curtains that start at the ceiling and stretch down to the floor. The ethereal quality that sheer drapery panels provide is classic and will be a perfect accent to any wall, flooring or pattern hue that already exists in the space. You can explore using a sheer drapery panel in a different color to evoke a feeling for a room. For example, a soft pink sheer is ideal in a dining room as it works on a romantic level against the formal, and stately quality of wood furniture or hardwood floors.

*Frame the area with drapery panels:  If you have a space like a cozy window seat reading nook, try hanging drapery panels beyond the windows, rather than have the curtain rods directly over the windows. The oasis that you will create feels intimate and special, rather than handling window treatments in that area the standard way. For regular windows, frame them with luxurious, flowing drapery that carries embellishments over the window, drawing your eye up, creating a focal point in the room. This elegant option highlights the beautiful material, building a sense of drama.  Try ornate drapery hardware to bring attention above the windows.

*Incorporate Roman shades for a personalized look:  If you already have blinds, think about adding Roman shades for a refined look.  A splash of color is a fun design trick, plus they block out light so you’ll be able to sleep late on the weekends. We love printed Roman shades to really bring your character and personal style into a room. Patterns instantly change a room.  If your walls are a neutral tone, explore prints. There’s nothing more inviting than a pattern that doesn’t necessarily match but ties in printed Roman shades, a rug and throw pillows. 

*Go Bright and Cheerful: If you have a room that needs some energy, consider curtains or drapery panels in rich tones. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. Think about navy, deep red, marigold or purple. These colors will highlight your neutral elements including furniture, flooring or bedding. Think about the day lifter you will have when you see warm, bright colors each day. 

*Hang drapery from the highest point: Create contrast and make your room feel taller not by creating higher ceilings but using the illusion of long drapery panels. Hang the curtains way above the window for a fuller, more spacious feel. We love the fullness and warmth that this creates in any space. The depth and dimension are ideal for bedrooms, dens, living rooms and dining rooms. 

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