What to Expect on Installation Day

Congratulations! Your custom window treatments have arrived. We are excited to help you add function and style to your home. As the largest and best-rated custom window treatment dealer in the Pikes Peak Region, we care deeply about your satisfaction on install day. Now that the day has come, what can you expect?


By now you may have received communication from our scheduling staff that all, or part, of your project has arrived. We will reach out by phone and/or text to schedule a time that works for you. 

We want to help get your treatments installed as quickly as possible. We understand that your schedule can sometimes be complicated and we may need to delay the installation due to things like travel, etc.. That said, if you cannot provide access for installation or accommodate receipt of product (such as storing product in a moisture-free, protected location such as an attached garage), any balance owed will be due in full 30 (thirty) days from the time of our first attempt to contact you for installation or delivery. 

Inclement Weather:

We live in a region where the weather can change quickly, and sometimes without much notice. This can present safety concerns. Should we ever require a reschedule due to inclement weather, you will receive a text or phone call as soon as possible. We monitor local news and follow school and business closure guidelines. So although we want to install your window treatments as much as you do, sometimes Colorado weather has other plans!

What You Need to Do Prior to Our Arrival:

- Remove any obstructions from your window sills (including plants, etc.).

- Remove existing window treatments from the window (unless arranged in advance at time of initial consultation). We will not haul away old treatments.

- Move any furniture away from the windows.

Our Install Team:

All of our installers are trained and insured, full-time employees of Budget Blinds of Greater Colorado Springs. (We only use contractors for specific product types, some exterior treatments or commercial contract work.) This means you can trust that the people working in your home have a vested interest in doing a great job for you.

Here are the Best Practices we use in your home:

- We will be on time; if we are going to be any earlier or later we will contact you and let you know as soon as possible.

- We will always be identified with logos on our clothing or name tags. We will be driving Budget Blinds branded vehicles.

- We will take off our shoes or wear protective booties when working in your home (exception: we will wear shoes when using a ladder for safety purposes).

- We will not bring any cardboard boxes or excessive packaging into your home if at all possible.

- We will clean up completely after your installation including vacuuming if necessary.

- We will demonstrate operation of your new custom window treatments including a review of the safety features (if applicable).

- We always have PPE (personal protection equipment e.g., masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) available should the need arise for use.

Drapery/Soft Treatments:

- We will dress and steam any drapery installed (unless the drapery fabric specifically calls for no steaming).

- We may also band up the drapery and give you instructions on when to remove the bands after the drapery has had an opportunity to train its shape.

Errors or Problems:

- Although mistakes are uncommon, custom window treatments require many components and sometimes errors can occur. 

- Budget Blinds gets priority service from the manufacturer on any remakes or re-orders that may be necessary. Our exclusive vendor alliance provides us Red Carpet/Priority Express remake service. Typically, the new treatments are then air-freighted directly to us so you avoid the long trip by truck. All this adds up to the fastest service possible in the event a remake is necessary.

Service Guarantee:

Your installation comes with a 90-day Service Guarantee. Our Service Guarantee gives you peace of mind about two things 1) the operation and installation of the product you have purchased and 2) the work we perform. If you have a need for an on-site visit to address any concerns, we will come to you, free of charge, for up to 90-days from time of installation. Minimum fee will apply when not covered by the Service Guarantee (service fee as of this post is $125.00 non-refundable and is subject to change). Warranties apply to window treatment(s) only and do not cover the service fee.

Payment & Reviews:

- If you have a balance due on your project we will be collecting it the day of installation. Our install team will text you a payment link if paying by credit card, checks are also accepted.

- At the end of your install, we will request a review for our services. Great reviews help our locally-owned small business, so we thank you for telling your Budget Blinds story!

Should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 719-301-7171.


Your Budget Blinds Team

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