Child Safety Features on Window Treatments


There are many safety issues involved with the use of window treatments. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that nearly 600 children in the U.S. each year receive emergency room treatment for “injuries related to window blinds, shades and cords”. There are several ways to reduce or eliminate these accidents from occurring in your home, including choosing cordless options and installing child safety devices on any remaining cords that you do use.

Cordless lifts and continuous cord loops for the win.

Cordless lifts are safer than corded lifts. If you're looking for a window treatment that will keep your little ones safe, there are some features you can find on all types of window treatments to ensure the safety of your family. One such feature is a cordless lift rather than a pull cord. Corded window treatments use cord condensers to hold the lift cords in place, but these can be easily broken by small fingers or even caught in clothing.

Continuous cord loops are also preferable over pull cords because they're less likely to get tangled up or caught on something as you raise and lower your shades or blinds due to the tensioner device that gets installed. When installed per Window Covering Safety Council standards (maximum of 6” of distance in the loop) continuous cord loops do not pose the same hazard as pull cords when children are left unsupervised with them.

Motorized window treatments make life safer for everyone.

Window treatments that have a motorized lift system are much safer than manually operated window treatment products. Motorized window treatments operate with a remote control or mobile device app, making them easy to use without having to worry about tripping over any cords. Best of all, the window treatments can be operated without any need to be touched at all! This makes them perfect for homes with small children who might be tempted by cords lying around on the ground due to failure to install safety devices such as cord cleats.

For small children and pets, even tilt cords, for example, can be similar to a window blind cord. The same can be said of manual shades and Venetian blinds that don’t have any type of safety mechanism built into them. Motorized window treatments can operate the tilt or lift on blinds and shades eliminating dangling cords.

Cordless window treatments are available in almost any style and material.

Cordless window treatments come in a wide variety of styles, including:

 Roman shades

 Roller shades


 Drapery Panels

 Cellular Shades

 Sheer Shades

 Natural Woven Shades


You don’t have to give up style to have a child safe window treatment! Cordless lift is one of the most aesthetically pleasing looks due to no cords showing or being exposed in the window. Motorized or automated window treatments are an excellent choice because they ensure that any child or pet within reach of your blinds or shades won’t have any chance of interacting with any dangling cords. Cordless shades are available in almost any window treatment style which insures safety for your children while also giving you the style you want.


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