Wooden Shutters vs. Wooden Blinds in La Grange: Which Window Treatment Is For You?

You know you want real wood around your windows. It looks beautiful, offers a range of heating benefits, and you get something financially perfect for your home. Yet now you realize you have two options: wooden shutters or wooden blinds in La Grange? Which is the best option for you?

It’s important to look into your circumstances and what you want to achieve from your window treatments. Here are the main factors to help you decide between the two.

Check Your Budget First

Before you consider anything else, you need to look at your budget. Out of the two treatments, shutters are going to be the most expensive. They have to be customized for your home, measured specifically for your windows. If you don’t have a large budget, you’ll want to consider wooden blinds in La Grange instead.

Of course, just because you have the budget for shutters doesn’t mean you should instantly jump to them. Consider the rest of the factors.

Renting vs. Owning Will Affect Your Choice

While you may have the budget for shutters, they’re not a viable option if you’re renting your home. The only time you’ll want to consider when renting is if you’re in a contract to rent to buy it afterward. Shutters will increase the value of the home, which is part of the reason they’re more expensive than other options.

If you’re just renting or you’re moving somewhere for the short term, you don’t want to put money in that you’re not going to get back. While wooden blinds are expensive options, they are items you can usually take with you. Out of the two choices, they’re the best financial choice for moving.

Practicality of Wooden Shutters vs. Wooden Blinds in La Grange

Now it’s time to look at the way they work. Blinds can be finicky to get working, especially if you have guests in the home. If you own, you may want to opt for the easier-to-use shutters. They just latch against the wall or latch in the closed position. The louvers are easy to move from the middle.

With blinds, you have to think about how to open fully or how to twist the slats. However, if you’re getting vertical wooden blinds, you may have the easiest of all options.

Yet, blinds are easier to maintain. Shutters sometimes need to be removed to clean the hinges, especially if you choose exterior shutters.

Motorizing Your Window Treatments

If you want to get your window coverings motorized, you’ll want to consider wooden blinds in La Grange. Shutters are much harder to motorize and don’t always work out that well. Motorizing your blinds will offer more benefits and get over the above issue of difficult of use. You can use your blinds while out of the house, especially if they’re motorized wirelessly

Look carefully at your budget and what you want to gain from your window treatments. Wooden shutters and wooden blinds in La Grange are beautiful, but which one works the best for you?

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