Why You Need to Consider Dual Blackout Blinds in Seguin

This summer has been horrendously hot. You’ve thought about blackout blinds in Seguin, but you’ve realized a huge problem. You lose all light in the room when the blinds are in use. It’s time to consider dual shades or blinds.

Dual blackout blinds offer a blackout layer and a layer that’s more like a solar shade. You can use just one of the two sides or both of them together. It’s completely up to you. Here’s why they’re so beneficial for the home.

The Solar Shade Manages Heat Without Light Loss

The biggest issue with your blackout blinds in Seguin is the way the shades will block out the light from the home. While you want to gain some privacy and reduce the glare, you don’t necessarily want to plunge the room into darkness all the time. This may just be a need at strategic times of the day.

With a dual shade, you have the solar element to it. You can pull this part of the shade down and instantly block out the glare. You won’t get rid of all the light, so you manage the heat in the room while still feeling comfortable with the light level.

You Spend Less Money on One Shade

You could get a set of blackout blinds in Seguin and a secondary layer at the same time. You get the two functions, right? The downside here is the money you spend on the two separate window coverings. And let’s not forget that they will also take up more space.

With one single dual system, you save money and space. It just seems like a no-brainer unless your main reason for secondary treatments is texture.

You Have the Blackout Blinds in Seguin When You Need Them

While you have the solar layer, you also have the blackout layer. When you do need to use it during the day, you can. And there are many reasons to have this layer.

If you have children or you work shifts, you may need to create a nighttime effect in a bedroom. That’s something you’ll gain with the blackout feature. As soon as you need the light back, you have the solar element to help.

Two Layers Offer More Heating and Cooling Benefits

One of the reasons people get two window treatments is to get the extra layer. With two layers, you gain extra heating and cooling benefits throughout the year. But you’re still taking up more space and spending more money.

The dual blackout blinds in Seguin get rid of the downsides but offer the benefits. You have the two layers that can be used together. Solar shades aren’t as great for blocking heat loss in the winter but will work well with the blackout layer. They’re also designed to work together quickly, so no need to worry about anything getting in the way.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to spend more money wisely when getting new window treatments for the home. Now is the time to invest in the dual blackout blinds in Seguin.

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