Why Roman Shades in Giddings Beat Roller Shades in the Winter

You want your window treatments to be ready for you when the colder weather hits. That’s starting now, so you need to find beautiful window treatments that are going to help keep your home warm. Right now you have roller shades, but it’s time to consider roman shades in Giddings instead.

 Roller shades are affordable and can offer a range of benefits, but heat benefits aren’t usually among them. Of course, this will depend on the material. Roman shades tend to be better suited and here’s why you’ll want to consider them.

 The Material Tends to Be Thicker

 The thickness of the material goes a long way. Roman shades in Giddings tend to be made with thicker fabric than roller shades. It’s easier to trap the heat, making the temperatures inside more manageable and consistent.

 This will depend on the exact type of roman and roller shades, of course. If you have blackout roller shades, you can gain thicker material. However, roman shades tend to be more effective because of the extra lining.

 They’re Easier to Double with Solar Shades or Net Curtains

 You could double up your roller shades with drapes or curtains, but there’s a huge downside to this. To block the glare and gain privacy, you need to completely shut off the view from the outside. You’ll plunge your home into darkness during the day, whether you close the roller shade or close the curtains.

 That isn’t the case with roman shades in Giddings. These window treatments tend to mount from the outside. It’s easier to add net curtains or solar shades as your primary window treatment. They’ll prevent the glare but allow the light to shine through, offering more lighting benefits during the day and the heating benefits on a night.

 Roman Shades in Giddings Can Mentally Add More Warmth

 Part of the downside of some shades and blinds is that they look cold. It’s not that they don’t keep the heat in, but they don’t feel like they will. And the mental benefits or downsides will hold a lot of weight over whether you feel warm or not.

 Color plays a large part. The great thing about roller and roman shades is that they both come in a fabric material. You can choose any color you want, which means adding warm colors to mentally gain the benefits of warmth in the house. So, why choose roman shades?

 The benefits of roman shades in Giddings stem from the thickness of the material. There’s a vintage look, too, further helping to add warmth. When you know the materials are thicker and you think of the window treatments of the past, you know that they should be made with heat trapping in mind. You’ll feel warmer than a flimsy piece of material from the roller shades.

 You don’t have to get a specific type of shade. Roller shades can be beneficial and you can always double up with curtains or drapes, but you’ll want to consider something a little more effective. Roman shades in Giddings go a long way in your home in the winter.

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