Why Renters Shouldn’t Get Plantation Shutters in Bastrop

It’s time to start looking at new window treatments for your home. The problem is you rent, which certainly limits your choices. Plantation shutters in Bastrop are great for homeowners, but you’ll want to avoid them as a renter.

Think they might be worth the investment? Even if you plan on living in the property long-term, there are multiple reasons not to get these permanent window treatments. Here are the top reasons to avoid plantation shutters as a renter.

You May Not Get Permission from Your Landlord

You’re making some permanent changes to the home. Whether you get interior or exterior plantation shutters in Bastrop, you’ll need to get your landlord’s permission to install them. And not all landlords are going to be happy with them. Even if you offer to leave them behind, not all landlords want these permanent fixtures hanging.

If you can’t get permission, you can’t hang. If you do, then you run the risk of eviction. Is it worth it when there are so many other great window treatments?

You May Not Stay Long-Term to Take Advantage

Plantation shutters in Bastrop are long-term window treatments. You’ll need to think carefully about the investment that you’re putting into a house that isn’t yours. Even if you’re planning on staying for the long-term, you’ll need to think about changes that can happen.

Your landlord may decide to sell or face foreclosure. You may get a job in another city and need to move sooner than you expected. You may find the landlord doesn’t maintain the property properly or is a pain to work with. You end up moving sooner and losing the benefits of shutters.

You Don’t Get All Financial Benefits from Plantation Shutters in Bastrop

Speaking of benefits, there are a number of financial benefits when it comes to plantation shutters. Some of those occur when you live there, but others occur when you sell the property.

The problem is you’re not going to sell the rental. You add value to someone else’s home, and you don’t gain any sort of benefit for that.

Your Landlord May Want You to Remove Them After

Even if you do get permission to install plantation shutters in Bastrop from the landlord, there may be the caveat that you remove them when you leave. Your landlord will then expect you to put the walls and windows back to the way they were before you installed them. After all, this is damage that you’ve caused.

You end up spending more money on making right the damage in the home. The cost for the shutters will already be high and now you’re spending more on repairing walls and windows. You end up spending far more than you would have with other window treatments.

It's best to avoid plantation shutters in Bastrop as a renter. Of course, you could talk to your landlord about the benefits of having shutters, getting them to pay for the installation. But don’t expect your landlord to want to pay for these window treatments.

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