Why Dual-Purpose Window Shades in Bastrop Are Something to Consider

You know all about the benefits of roller shades. And you love the idea of solar shades. The problem is, putting them both up together takes up a lot of room. What if you could get both of the styles together? Well, now you can with dual-purpose window shades in Bastrop.

 If you haven’t considered them yet, you really need to think about adding them to your list of needs for the home. Here’s why they’re just so great.

 Easy to Use Best of Both Worlds 

Roller and solar shades both offer different benefits. With solar shades, you get the ability to block out the glare without losing any light. However, they don’t offer privacy on a night. When it comes to roller shades, they can offer privacy, but you can also lose light.

 Dual-purpose window shades in Bastrop offer the best of both worlds in an easy-to-use way. You just hang one blind and use two different cords to move the blinds up and down, depending on whether you want the solar element or the roller part. Some of the blinds are cordless, so you just pull on the material instead.

 If you have the budget, motorized dual-purpose shades are also a consideration. These will offer you the ability to work from a remote, so you’re not up and down like crazy. 

You’ll Gain More Heating and Lighting Benefits 

When it comes to other blinds and shades, you may not get the full use out of them that you initially would like. The window shades in Bastrop may cut out too much light, especially in the winter, or they can just feel like they’re in the way – like you can’t get enough of the view outside.

 Dual-purpose shades tend to be more useable. You get this ability to not cut out all the light and the view with the solar elements. However, you’ll gain the heating and lighting benefits from them during the day, including cutting out the glare.

 On a night, when cutting out the view isn’t a problem, you have the roller element. The two materials together will create more of a barrier to prevent heat loss, especially in the winter months.

 It’s Possible to Triple Up Your Coverage

 Because you only have one set of window shades in Bastrop up, you can still “double up” your window treatments. Get a set of drapes or curtains and you can quickly add another dimension to your windows. Instead of actually doubling up, though, you’re tripling up. 

By adding another layer, you’re also gaining more benefits from your window treatments. If it gets exceptionally cold in the window or you just want another layer of privacy, you have it with the drapes of curtains. You can also add more to your décor without everything feeling too bulky if you actually had a solar shade, a roller shade, and a set of drapes all on one window!

 It’s time to look at dual-purpose window shades in Bastrop. You’ll be surprised at how the extra material can go a long way.

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