Why Drapes in Bastrop Are the Best Way to Add Color

There are so many types of window coverings out there. You’ll hear a lot about how to add color with them, but you don’t want to do that with a lot of styles. It’s all about drapes in Bastrop when you want to add color.

Sure, some shades are great, but when it comes to blinds and shutters, you can’t add color with them. Well, you can, but it’s not worth it. Drapes are your best friend, and here’s a look at why.

Drapes Are Easy to Change with the Season

Whether you change the color scheme with the season or just every few years to keep up with trends, you’ll need to change the window coverings. It’s going to be much quicker and easier to change the colors with your drapes in Bastrop. You just take them off the rods and hang up the new ones.

If you get blinds or plantation shutters, it takes a bit more time to get them changed over. You have to take down the hinges or remove the screws. Then you need to add the new screws. This can cause damage to the windows, so you need to end up repairing some of the wear and tear from the screws before you can add new ones.

Drapes Are Easy to Store in the House

One of the big benefits of drapes in Bastrop is the way that you can store them. It means you can change up the color scheme on a seasonal basis. There’s no need to keep buying new drapes once you have something for each of the seasons. You just store everything.

The great thing is that you can fold up drapes and put them away. You want to store them in a cover to protect them from the dust, and then you’ll want to store them in a dark place to protect them from UV rays. Think about storing them in a laundry closet. When you’re ready to change the colors for the seasons, it’s a quick switch.

Drapes Are Affordable for Temporary Needs

You may not even know the type of décor you want. Maybe after five years you want to change things completely. Drapes in Bastrop are a great option for this. They are affordable for your temporary needs.

Sure, they’re not as affordable as shades. However, they are much more affordable than switching your shutters or some of your blinds. You won’t feel as guilty when it comes to changing up the drapes because of the lower cost compared to a lot of other window coverings.

You can still have shutters or blinds when you have drapes. Use the drapes as a secondary layer over the windows to add the color that you need.

When you want to add color to your space, you can use window coverings. Drapes in Bastrop are the best way to do this, whether you want to change up the color every season or you want to change the décor every few years.

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