Why Cellular Shades in Seguin Are Perfect for Bay Windows

When it comes to bay windows, you may worry about dressing them. How do you control the way the light shines through at various points of the day? The quick answer is cellular shades in Seguin.

The perfect nature of cell shades will depend on one factor. It’s all about the way your windowpanes sit in your bay window. If you have window frames around each pane, you’ll find the cell shades are perfect. If you have one window running into another, you’ll want to look at some other window coverings.

Cellular Shades Are Safe for the Whole Family

Safety is essential. If you have children in your home, you need to think carefully about the types of window coverings you get. Switching out corded window treatments is important. Even if you don’t have children in the house, you may have pets or grandchildren who come to visit. There’s always a chance of a child getting in trouble.

Cellular shades in Seguin fit within the window frames. They are placed on runners without any cords, so you have something safe for the entire family.

You Can Use Each Shade Individually to Control the Light

You don’t need to pull down every single shade in the bay window. This is great for managing the light as it travels around the room. You’ll find that you can have the first set of windows in the bay covered while you still let the natural light without the glare in through the other windows.

You may want to consider motorized cellular shades in Seguin for this. They’re just going to be much easier to use if you find you’re constantly changing the positioning of your shades because of the way the sun moves around.

Cellular Shades in Seguin Manage the Temperatures Throughout the Year

One of the issues of bay windows is the way the sun always shines through. In the summer, this lets in a lot of UV rays, raising the temperatures in the home. In the winter, you have a lot of window space for the heat to escape through. You want something that manages the temperatures throughout the year.

Cell shades are great. In the summer, they block the UV rays without blocking all the natural light. You’ll keep the temperatures down. In the winter, the cells circulate the heat back into the room to manage the drop.

You Can Work Easily with Other Colors Instead of Plain White

Don’t want to just pick neutral colors all the time? Cellular shades in Seguin are made of fabric, so they come in a variety of colors and prints. You can get something that suits your style.

They are also affordable. Even if you change your décor in five years, you’ll find that changing up the cell shades isn’t too difficult. You don’t feel the financial guilt that you would with something like venetian blinds or shutters.

Now is the time to look at other window coverings for your bay windows. Cellular shades in Seguin look beautiful and offer a range of benefits for the space.

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