Which Window Shades in Seguin Do You Need for a Complete Blackout Effect?

There are many types of window shades in Seguin. Some of them will blackout the light coming into the room, whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day.

It doesn’t really matter why you want to block the light. There are all sorts of reasons for this. The important thing is getting the best window coverings for a complete blackout effect. Here are the top shades to consider.

Dual Window Shades for Multiple Benefits Day and Night

Most window shades in Seguin come in a fabric material. This is important to consider, as you’ll need to make sure the material is thick enough to block all the light. It’s worth looking into dual window shades, offering two layers in one.

The first layer is usually a solar shade. This is a great way to manage the glare when you want to let the light in. The second tends to be a room darkening or even a blackout shade. Pull it down, especially with the first layer, and you create that blackout effect in your room.

Blackout Roller Shades for Any Room in the Home

Roller shades are among the most popular for a blackout effect. In fact, you can get some roller window shades in Seguin that are specifically called “blackout shades.” They’re not all black or even dark in color. It’s all about the thickness of the material.

The material will prevent the light to shine through, even during the day. Watch out if you’re looking for something for the kids’ rooms as roller shades can include dangerous cords. It’s important to look out for the cordless options. Most of them don’t cost any more than the corded window treatments now.

Thermal Cellular Window Shades in Seguin to Block Light

How about something that doesn’t just block the light but will also help to manage the heat? Cellular shades are great for this.

You’ll usually find cell shades are only room darkening options. The fabric is on the thinner side, with the cells offering the heating benefits. However, you can get thicker options. Thermal cellular shades have an aluminum layer within each of the cells to offer further heating benefits. The aluminum happens to block the light at the same time, creating a blackout effect.

Vinyl Shades for Long-Lasting Effects

Finally, you’ll want to consider stepping away from the fabric window shades in Seguin. In some cases, the best thing for you is to get a set of vinyl shades.

These are a plastic-type shade, made of much thicker and opaque material. As soon as the shades are pulled down, you block out all the light. The best thing is you can get the materials in various colors, so you’ll still match your décor like you would with a set of fabric shades.

It's time to make your rooms effective for you. If that means finding blackout window shades in Seguin, then that’s what you need to do. There are plenty of options available.

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