Which Types of Blinds in Round Top Are Best for Large Windows?

You know you want a set of blinds in Round Top for each of your windows. They offer some of the best benefits without the high costs of shutters. The problem is some of your windows are extra large and the premade blinds aren’t going to fit.

 While you could look at custom venetian blinds for your windows, there are other options. Here are all your choices when it comes to the best type of blinds for your large windows.

 Consider Custom Made Blinds

 Naturally, the first thing to consider is custom blinds in Round Top. Venetian blinds are among the most common, but there are many types of custom blinds that you could get for your windows.

 With a custom set, you’ll get something that is exactly the right size for your windows. They’ll sit in or out of the frame, depending on your preferences. You’ll get all the benefits that you prefer, while also getting a set of blinds that work for your décor needs.

 One of the downsides of custom-made blinds is that they can be expensive. There are other ways to get something for your larger windows. 

Choose Vertical Blinds in Round Top

 Instead of sticking to venetian blinds, you could opt for a set of vertical blinds. These are perfect for your larger windows, especially if they also slide instead of open traditionally.

 The blinds will mount over the top of the window. You just pull on and off. Because the slats hang down, they can remain a useable length and not risk breaking in the middle due to weight and gravity. You can also save money because you don’t need as much material as you would with custom-made venetian blinds.

 You’ll still get all the benefits that you would with venetian blinds. The slats can be twisted and moved as much or as little as you want.

 Opt for Mini Blinds for Your Windows

 Instead of one blind for the window, why not get a series of mini blinds in Round Top? They’ll hang next to each other, taking up the whole space of the windows.

 Mini blinds hang next to each other beautifully. There’s no need to leave gaps between them, so you don’t lose heat through those tiny gaps in the winter. You’ll also get all the benefits of venetian blinds, and the mini blinds will match the venetian blinds you may use in other rooms.

 One of the benefits of mini blinds is when you have a large window with individual panes. You’ll be able to place the blinds on the separate panes, giving you more use of the windows for opening them or gaining light benefits.

 The downside is the extra cords. Mini blinds, like venetian blinds, tend to only come with cords and can put animals and children in danger. 

You don’t just have to spend a fortune on custom-made blinds in Round Top for your larger windows. Start looking at all your options depending on the style of window that you have.

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