Which Are the Right Style of Window Curtains in Seguin for Your Home?

Did you know there are multiple types of window curtains in Seguin? This usually applies to the way they hang from a rod or a runner, and can have a direct effect on the overall style and décor from the windows. You’ll want to decide on the type of curtain you get to make sure it’s going to work with the style of your home.

Not sure which ones are right for you? Didn’t even realize there was much of a difference? Here’s a look at the different options to help you choose between them.

Tab Tops and Eyelets for Simplicity

When you want to work with something simple that just requires a rod at the top, you want either tab top or eyelet window curtains in Seguin. They have gaps at the top where the pole pushes through and then you can just pull on and off with ease.

Eyelets are also known as grommets, and they’re a beautiful, contemporary option. While eyelets have holes in the material, the tab tops have loops added to the top, a little like tabs.

When you want something light and breezy, opt for eyelets. Otherwise, tab tops are your best choice.

Pencil or Goblet Pleats for Training

If you have time to train your window curtains in Seguin, you’ll want to look for something with pleats. Pencil pleats go straight up and down. They usually hang from a hoop, a little like your shower curtain. Like with the eyelets and tab tops, you just need a rod to slide through the hooks and move on and off.

Goblet pleats are stunningly beautiful but don’t work for all designs. If you have a room where the function is to awe and impress, creating the sense of timeless sophistication, you’ll find the arching pleats work the best. They usually tend to be more decorative than most others.

Rod Pockets for the Cheapest Window Curtains in Seguin

Out of all the types of window treatments, you’ll want to consider rod pockets for cost benefit. These are the types you’ll mostly find in stores because they are so easy to make. They’re also easy to fix should a seam start to go.

The curtain has a hem at the top that loops around, creating a literal pocket for the rod. Just push the rod all the way through and out the other end. The material completely covers the rod when closed, except at the very ends where the casings of the rod are.

You can use these curtains in every room in the home. One of the downsides is that they tend to stick on the rods, a little like the tab tops, but this often depends on the material of the rod and the curtains.

What type of curtain is right for you? This isn’t about color, but about design and functionality. Take your time to decide what type of look you want your window curtains in Seguin to offer and you’ll find the perfect type for you.

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