What’s the Difference Between Roman Blinds and Roman Shades in Giddings?

As you start looking for window coverings, you’ll turn to roman shades in Giddings. Then you’ll come across the roman blinds. They both look the same, so is there really a difference between the two.

There are certainly some great benefits to getting roman blinds and roman shades. They do have some similarities, but there are also some differences in terms of a few benefits and the way they sit when open. Here’s what you need to know.

Roman Blinds Create a Stack at the Top

In the majority of cases, roman blinds will create a stack at the top of the window once raised. This blocks some of the window at the top. However, roman shades in Giddings can come in a variety of styles that also cover up the top of the window. The material is a little thinner so there isn’t as much natural light blocked, but you will still block some of the view.

It is easier to get shades in different styles. You’ll usually get custom made shades to work with the exact size and shape of your windows to make sure you don’t block the view that you want.

Roman Shades in Giddings Tend to Hold Moisture

If you’re looking for something for bathrooms and kitchens, you’ll want to think twice about roman shades. This is where roman blinds are beneficial. The shades tend to hold moisture because of the material of choice, which can lead to some problems with mildew and mold.

Blinds come in a more durable material. If you want something for those humid rooms in the house, you’ll want to choose them. However, there are other options available for the kitchen where grease becomes an issue.

Think About the Cords on Shades and Blinds

Roman blinds and roman shades in Giddings can come with cords and chains. They are the quickest and simplest ways to open and close the blinds, but the cords are a problem. They’re strangulation risks for children and pets.

If you have either in your home, you’ll want to look at all your options. Consider cordless systems, and even look into getting motorized window coverings for your home to make it safe.

Different Materials for Your Specific Light Level Needs

How much light do you want to block during the day when the blinds are closed? This is something you need to seriously consider when choosing between roman blinds and roman shades in Giddings. Blinds are usually made of thicker and heavier material, which means they’re better for blackout needs. If you want to filter the light, you’ll need to look at roman shades instead.

There are different levels of thickness among the blinds and shades specifically. If you’re buying online, you can ask for free swatches to get an idea of the thickness of material to see just how much light you’ll lose.

For the most part, roman blinds and roman shades in Giddings are the same. They do many of the same jobs. The exact material is different, which will affect the way the blinds and shades sit and the level of light control you gain.

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