What Are the Best Window Treatments in Bastrop for South Facing Windows?

If you have south facing windows, you have the problem of sun shining through the majority of the day. You get the sun at the hottest times of the day, making your apartment feel hotter than it has to and increasing the use of your air con. It’s time to minimize the problem with the right window treatments in Bastrop.

 Using the right types of blinds and shades, you can keep the UV rays coming into the home to a minimum. However, you don’t have to get rid of all the sunlight. Here are the best window treatments for your south facing windows.

 Think About Solar Shades 

One of the cheapest and most effective types of window treatments in Bastrop are solar shades. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but all will offer the same benefit. You cut out the glare and the UV rays but get to keep the sunlight.

 Solar shades are extremely popular for conservatories. When you have south facing windows, you can feel like you’re in a sun room, boxed in with the heat. The solar shades will help to make the room feel more comfortable.

 One of the downsides is lack of privacy on a night. In an apartment or a room where you don’t mind someone looking in (or you have a secondary treatment), solar shades could be perfect.

 Honeycomb Shades for All Windows

 Don’t just look at window treatments in Bastrop for your south facing windows. You’ll also want to consider the window treatments for every window throughout the year. Avoid spending a fortune but get something that locks in the heat during the winter and blocks out the heat in the summer with honeycomb shades.

 These window treatments help to circulate the air. You can keep them closed without blocking out all the light, as they tend to filter light or just slightly darken the room. Plus, honeycomb shades tend to be bottom-up and top-down shades, so you get more control over the amount of light you let in and how.

 If you get these types of treatments with a track at the side, you can also block out the UV rays shining through a small gap. This further locks out the heat during the summer, while locking in the heat in the winter.

 Manage with Plantation Shutters

 If you own your home and you have the budget, you’ll want to look at more permanent solutions for your windows. Plantation shutters are definitely the window treatments in Bastrop for your south facing windows. They’re also excellent for all windows throughout the home, offering benefits throughout the year.

 The material doesn’t warp in the heat. You’ll usually get white shutters, which means the UV rays are directed back out of the window. You can manage the amount of light you allow in through the louvers. And in the winter, you have a barricade to block the heat from escaping.

 Think about what your downsides are with your south facing windows. The heat rising is the biggest issue. Use the above three window treatments in Bastrop and your rooms will become more comfortable.

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