Should You Mix Sheer and Blackout Drapes in Seguin?

Drapes in Seguin look beautiful, but they can end up being a little ineffective for some needs. You can get beautiful blackout options to easily manage the light and some of the temperatures in the room, and you can get sheer drapes for extra light management and privacy during the day. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

With that in mind, you likely want to mix your sheer and blackout drapes. Is this something that you can do? Will it work for your home décor? Here are some top considerations to make to see if this is right for you.

You Do Get the Best of Both Worlds

The greatest benefit is getting the best of both worlds. There’s a chance to manage the light during the day without blocking it all. The sheer drapes in Seguin will help to filter the light to get rid of the UV rays and the glare. They even help to manage privacy, making it impossible for people to see through the window without losing any natural light.

However, these drapes aren’t great for blocking all the light when you need to. Nor are they any good for managing the plummeting temperatures in the winter. You want something thicker around your windows, which is where the blackout drapes are perfect.

When you have both installed together, you can use them as and when you want. Sheer drapes are perfect during the day, and then you pull on the blackout drapes on a night to add the extra insulation. You really do get the best of both worlds.

Mixing Drapes in Seguin Can Add Texture to the Windows

While getting more benefits in the home, you’ll also create texture around the windows. You make it look like the windows have more to offer, and they become a focal point in the room.

Most sheer drapes will come in a neutral color. You then add other colors around the windows with the drapes, making the windows look more 3D than they’ve ever looked before.

Of course, you need to make sure you want your windows to become a focal point. If you want the window coverings to blend in, you’ll want to look at something else to use.

You’ll Need Two Lots of Hardware at the Top of the Window

One of the biggest downsides of the two sets of drapes in Seguin is the extra hardware. You’ll have the two layers of window coverings, and they need to sit on separate hangers. If you put them on the same one, you’ll limit the benefits and the use of your window treatments.

If you have small windows or walls, the two sets of hardware will clash. One may get in the way of the other, or you may find they look unsightly. You can even make your room look smaller because of the clutter.

You’ll want to look at the windows and think about the benefits you want to gain. Two sets of drapes in Seguin can be useful, but are they really right for your windows?

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