Should You Get Faux Wood Blinds in La Grange in Wood or Bright Colors?

One of the big benefits of getting faux wood blinds in La Grange is the option for multiple colors. You don’t have to stick with natural wood colors, as you can have them painted and treated without the risk of damaging real wood. Now you just need to decide what you want to gain out of your faux wood blinds.

Should you paint them a bright color? Would you be better choosing a natural wood color? Here’s a look at considerations to make to help you make your choice.

What Look Are You Going For?

Before you make a choice, you need to know what you wanted to achieve from the look of your blinds. Were you looking to blend in with a current décor? Did you choose faux wood blinds in La Grange because they looked like real wood but had more durability? If so, then you’ll want to stick to the real wood colorings.

However, if you want your window treatments to stand out, then consider doing that with color. One of the reasons for choosing faux wood may have been for the color choice. You can get the best of both worlds: the durability and benefits of venetian blinds with the style choices of roller shades.

But what about when you want a bright yet neutral look? You don’t want a bold color but the wooden color may be too dark? This is where white faux wood blinds can look absolutely beautiful.

Professional or Fun Faux Wood Blinds in La Grange?

Another consideration when it comes to looks is professionalism vs. fun blinds. Do you want to get a set of blinds that look like they belong in an office? This may be important if you’re dressing the windows in a home office or even in the kitchen or dining room.

But what about bedrooms? How about living rooms or even dens? You want to add an ounce of personality to the room and this is where the brighter colors come into play. You can get a favorite color and make the blinds stand out more.

What’s Your Budget?

Faux wood blinds in La Grange will traditionally come in wood colors. The only other difference may be white blinds or even black colored blinds. The idea is to be as neutral as possible.

If you want to get something brighter, you’ll likely need to get custom made blinds. Unless you had oddly-sized windows, you may have gotten away with a one-size-fits-all approach with wood-colored blinds. Bright colors will cost more money because of the custom design, so you’ll need a larger budget.

Be honest with yourself about your budget. If you can’t afford the bright colors now but want them, could you wait a little longer? Is it time sensitive that you get your faux wood blinds now?

Bright colored faux wood blinds in La Grange can look beautiful and really add personality to a room. However, they’re not for everyone. Consider the room and what you want to achieve to help you choose colors.

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