Roman Shades in Shiner: Use Them Without Looking Too Period

Roman shades in Shiner are beautiful additions to the home. They stand out, especially with a cascading view, and you can opt for bold and meaningful colors for your home. However, they can sometimes make your room look older than you want.

There’s a regal sense to some roman shades, which brings that period feel. If you want to make the most of the cascading material, here’s how to use them without looking too period.

Stick With Bright and Clean Colors

Work with bright whites and creams or choose the summery pastel colors. They’re bright colors and add a contemporary feel to the blinds. Even when the roman shades in Shiner cascade from the top, they still keep that contemporary look.

The benefit of these colors is they’re positive for the mood, too. They’re light and cheerful, helping to set up positive mindsets for your guests and for you when you spend time in the room. Pastel yellows or greens can be among the best if you want to keep away from the whites and creams.

Darker colors tend to come across are more royal, especially deep blues and purples. They cost more to make in the past, so reserved for the upper class.

Avoid the Patterns

If you want to get away from the regal look, watch out for the vine-style patterns. They tend of have beautiful swirls that look like they come from the large iron gates outside stately homes. Your romans shades in Shiner will immediately look like expensive, royal additions to the home. The swirls bring the sense of time.

For those who want some sort of pattern, opt for floral patterns instead. Some basic vine work that looks specifically like branches instead of the ornate patterns will be perfect. Opt for black or brown lines on a light colored background and you’ll bring that contemporary feel into your home.

Opt for Stacking Roman Shades in Shiner

If you don’t want to sacrifice on the coloring and the patterns, look out for a different type of roman shade. Sometimes it’s the cascading element when the shades are open that give the period feel, especially mixed with the colors. You can get stacking shades instead, which instantly give a modern feel when they’re open.

When the shades pull up, the material bunches into a stack. You can take up less space, opening the window more to allow more light into your home. This further adds that sense of contemporary.

If you want to hide the stack, you can with a valance. However, that’s going to add that period look back depending on color and style.

You can get roman shades in Shiner without worrying about taking your home into the past. Think about colors and patterns to start with. Keeping your shades light will immediately give the look of a modern home, and you get to create a sense of more space as more light fills the room. Follow the above three tips and you’ll find the perfect option for you.

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