Protecting Your Vertical Blinds in Bastrop from UV Damage

Window treatments tend to suffer from UV damage more than anything else in the home. This is simply due to the placement. They’re always in the way of the rays. It’s important to take steps to protecting your coverings. When you have vertical blinds in Bastrop, there are certain steps you can take to protect from UV damage.

 Some of the steps to take will involve planning ahead. You want to get the right types of blinds before you buy and install them. Other tips will help you protect the ones that you currently have.

 When Buying Your Blinds 

While buying vertical blinds in Bastrop, you’ll need to make sure you get faux wood or vinyl window treatments. They are the best for naturally avoiding the damage caused by UV rays. These materials don’t warp in the heat and they won’t soak in the rays, bouncing them off instead. The materials also tend to be the best for managing heat levels in the home during both the winter and summer.

 It’s also worth looking out for blinds that are light in color. White vertical blinds look beautiful in the home and work with all décor needs. They’ll also reflect the UV rays instead of soaking them in, avoiding the damage that darker colors can sustain.

 Keep Your Vertical Blinds in Bastrop Clean

 Dust and grime can lead to problems on your blinds. They affect the integrity of your blinds, making it easier for the UV rays to be absorbed. You affect the internal elements of the blinds, meaning you end up running the risk of more rays getting into the core elements of the blinds.

 Keeping them clean will also help to offer more protection around the home. The blinds will work with your décor better, while blocking the heat from getting in or out (depending on the season).

 Open Your Blinds Fully Now and Then

 While you’ll use your vertical blinds in Bastrop to prevent the sun’s rays from getting into the home, sometimes you want to pull the blinds completely open. Do this first thing on a morning or at the end of the day. The rays are lower during these times but opening your blinds will offer some protection from the rays.

 The hottest times of the day will be when the UV rays are at the highest. A good set of blinds won’t need protecting too much during these hours. They’re designed to withstand the rays, protecting your home from the rays and the rising heat.

 Consider Tinting the Windows

 Sometimes, you’ll need to take steps against the UV rays coming through the window to protect your vertical blinds in Bastrop and any other window treatments you have. Tinting your windows is an excellent step to take. It is expensive and a permanent feature, but could be worth it to add value to your home if you own it.

 The tinting will prevent the rays getting through. Think of it like the tints on some of your car windows.

 Don’t suffer UV damage to your window treatments if you don’t have to. Think about the UV rays when buying vertical blinds in Bastrop and then care for them in the long term to avoid damage.

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