How to Use Drapes in Bastrop to Manage Summer Heat

You’ve heard a lot of great things about drapes in Bastrop when it comes to the summer heat. They will help to keep your temperatures down without necessarily blocking all the light. Now you just need to make sure you use them effectively.

It doesn’t matter which type of drapes you get. Sheer or thermal, you can still use them effectively to keep that summer heat to a minimum in your home. Here are the top ways to make the most of them.

Keep Your Drapes in Bastrop Closed During the Day

If you have sheer drapes, you’ll want to make sure they’re closed during the day. You want to cover the entire window. The benefit is you’ll block the UV rays without blocking the natural light. You’ll also gain a lot more privacy in the home, which is just another benefit of choosing sheer drapes.

The material blocks the UV rays. This is the reason for the rising temperatures in the summer months. Well, the rays are the main reason. Once you get rid of the rays hitting the room, you’ll find the temperatures remain a little more manageable.

The sun will move around during the day. Keeping the drapes closed the whole time will make sure you protect the room as soon as the sun hits the window until the sun leaves the window.

Cover Just the Slither of the Window Effected

What if you still have thermal drapes in Bastrop? You can use them to your advantage during the day. However, you’ll want to avoid covering the entire window with the material. You’re going to block all the light shining into the home if you do that. If you’re not using the room, it’s worth blocking the whole window, though.

If you are using the room, only block the part that has the UV rays shining in. You can keep the light either side of the drapes, but you block the main issue for the heat in the home. As the sun moves, you will need to move the section of window that you block until the UV rays no longer shine through the window.

Keep the Windows Covered Overnight

Regardless of the type of drapes in Bastrop you have, on a night, you’ll want to keep the windows covered completely. While you don’t have the sun shining through, there will still be some heat outside trying to get into the home. This makes your air con work more overnight. You can keep that to a minimum by offering your windows some insulation.

The drapes will work the opposite way to the way they work in the winter. In the winter months, you’re preventing heat escaping. In the summer, you’re preventing the heat getting in. You’ll keep the temperatures more manageable.

You’ll also find that as the sun rises on a morning, you’re immediately preventing the UV rays getting in. Your day starts off effective against the heat.

Drapes in Bastrop don’t need replacing in the summer. You just need to use them effectively against the heat.

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