How to Use Draperies in Giddings to Add Texture

Your window treatments are excellent for adding texture and layers to your home. One of the easiest types of treatments would be draperies in Giddings. They’re low in cost, practical, and can be used in a variety of ways—not just around your windows. Here’s how to use them to your advantage.

Layer with Another Window Treatment

Start by adding your drapes with another type of window treatment. Shutters and shades work the best, but you can also add the with a second curtain or drape. In fact, sheer draperies in Giddings are one of the most common options with another type of curtain or drape on the outside. The sheer drapes can be used throughout the day without blocking light, while the second layer is pulled on through the night for privacy.

When you are layering, consider mix-match colors. Going for a chromatic look is one of the quickest and most contemporary ways to do it. However, you can also work with the same colors. Work with white and you get instant depth without distraction.

Consider using the drapes with some faux wood blinds. The smoothness of the drapes and roughness of the blinds will work together, allowing you to create texture and depth without the need of multiple colors in the space.

Turn Them Into Pillow Covers and Throws

A quick way to add more texture to your home is by adding throws and decorative cushions. How do your Giddings draperies come into this? Well, you can turn your drapes into a cover or a decorative throw for the home. All you need is a sewing machine and enough fabric.

This is a great idea if you’re replacing your current drapes. Rather than throwing out the ones you have, turn them into something new and exciting. You can also buy drapes or even make your own to turn into beautiful throws for the home.

Add to the Wall

You can use your draperies in Giddings along the walls instead of the windows. This is popular if you get a set of curtains made for children but find you don’t have use for them. The curtains become like a painting or a poster in the home, drawing attention to the beauty and style.

Look out for curtains that have patterns or prints along them. If you want to add sophistication, you can use vine work or floral patterns to draw the attention. For children’s rooms, add the favorite cartoons or simple magnetic patterns to draw in the eye. You’ll instantly add texture to the walls without having to look out for the right photo frames.

This can also work over doorways that don’t have the physical door. You create a separate space and some privacy, while adding texture in the way that adding the curtains to the wall would. This is the best of both worlds.

Look into the use of draperies in Giddings homes. You can find a way to add texture effortlessly on a tight budget.

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