How to Manage the Heat in All Seasons with Vertical Blinds in Bastrop

There are many types of window coverings available. If you have large windows or they slide open, you’ll want to look at getting vertical blinds in Bastrop.

Vertical blinds work similarly to venetian blinds. The difference is they hang vertically instead of horizontally. By having something that looks similar, you also get something that offers similar benefits. That’s especially the case when it comes to temperature control.

You may have heard that temperature control is a benefit of slatted blinds, especially faux wood or vinyl. How will vertical blinds help throughout the seasons? Let’s take a look.

Keeping the Home Warm in the Winter

We start with the winter months when the temperatures drop below freezing. While the cold doesn’t come into the house, you do end up losing heat throughout the day and night. The heat tries to warm the air outside, and you lose a lot of it through your windows.

Vertical blinds in Bastrop will help to control this. The material acts as a barrier, so when the slats are completely closed, it’s much harder for the heat to get through the window. While it’s not 100% perfect, it’s good enough that you will see a reduction in your heating bills.

During the day, you’ll worry about light loss. You don’t need to close the slats completely to gain the temperature benefits, and this is when the temperatures don’t drop as much anyway.

Vertical Blinds in Bastrop Manage Fluctuating Temperatures

Spring and fall bring fluctuating temperatures. It tends to feel like you need the furnace on in the morning, but by the afternoon, you need the air con. This is when you want faux wood or vinyl blinds the most.

During the night, the temperatures outside drop. Your heat escapes your home, as it would in the winter. With the closed blinds, you minimize heat loss.

In the day, the sun shines through the window. The UV rays cause the temperatures to rise, which can lead to the need for the air con. By twisting the slats, you can manage the amount of UV rays that come through the window, reducing the rising temperatures.

Managing the Rising Temperatures in the Summer

Finally, it’s all about the summer. This is when the temperatures always seem to be high. You need the air con on all the time, but not with vertical blinds in Bastrop.

You can twist the slats to prevent the UV rays from shining through. After all, it’s the UV rays that cause the temperatures to get too sweltering levels. By blocking the rays, you don’t give the temperatures a chance to rise that much.

Focus your attention on the rooms that get the most sun. You’ll need to change the rooms throughout the day as the sun moves around the home, but it’s worth it for cheaper electricity bills.

Make the most of your window coverings, especially faux wood or vinyl options.Vertical blinds in Bastrop are excellent for managing the heat throughout the year.

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