How to Make the Most of Your Solar Shades in Seguin

Solar shades in Seguin are among the most beautiful and practical shades for the home. They allow the light in without the glare, helping to offer heating and sun effect benefits in the home. However, they have their downside. One of those is the lack of privacy on a night.

It’s time to make the most of your solar shades. You don’t have to get rid of them or choose against them. Here are some ways to deal with the window treatments.

Double Up with Another Window Covering

You want solar shades in Sequin in your bedroom or your living room. However, on a night, you want to gain privacy. The quickest way of dealing with this is by doubling up with another window covering. Opt for a set of drapes or curtains for your window. You’ll be able to pull them on as the sun goes down and you put your internal lights on. Immediately, you get a covering from the view outside.

Other window coverings could also be used. Roller or roman shades tend to be the most common options but you could also opt for cellular shades.

As well as gaining privacy benefits, doubling up will offer other financial benefits. Your home will lose a lot of extra heat during the night because it’s colder outside. The extra layer prevents the heat leaving the home, so you don’t need the heating on as much.

Consider Dual Solar Shades in Sequin

One of the more popular types of window treatments now are the dual window shades. These have two types of shades or blinds in one, so you get two benefits for the price of one. It’s a great way to reduce the amount you’re hanging around your window and you ensure the two types of shades work together well.

In the majority of cases, one of the layers is a solar shade. This will offer you all the benefits of other solar shades, preventing the glare from coming into your home. You can keep the heat coming in to a minimum but keep the light. You’ve also got the privacy, so you can enjoy the safety and comfort in every room in the home.

The second layer can be a cellular shade or a roller shade. This will depend on the type of dual solar shades in Sequin you choose. You get a single panel that will block the light coming in. Some will be room darkening and others offer a blackout effect, so you’ll want to look at these different types depending on the room they’re going in.

The second layer offers the privacy on a night. You gain the extra benefits of doubling up with another window treatment. You can still even layer with a set of curtains adding the texture to the room without making it look like there’s too much in one spot.

It’s time to look at solar shades in Sequin for every room in the home. There’s no need to choose against them because of lack of privacy. There are plenty of ways to deal with that downside.

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