How to Make a Bed Canopy with Curtains in Shiner

Just because you have a set of curtains in Shiner doesn’t mean they have to be used in the traditional way. Curtains can be used in so many creative projects and one of those is creating your own bed canopy.

A bed canopy is something you’ve likely dreamed of having from being young. It offers a sense of privacy but can also be beautiful. And if you sleep with the windows open in the summer, it can protect you from any bugs that may fly in. Creating a bed canopy is simple with a set of curtains and here are the top tips to make one.

Decide on the Type of Curtains

Before you begin, you need to know the type of bed canopy that you want. Will you opt for sheer curtains in Shiner or do you want complete privacy when you’re in the bed? Most canopies are made with sheer material to give a sense of privacy but so you’re still able to see out.

Decide what you want to do first. You’ll then need to make sure the curtains are long enough to reach from the ceiling and stretch around your bed.

From the Middle or the Sides?

Now you’ll want to know where you want to build your canopy down from. Do you want a hoop in the middle of your bed, so the canopy is more like a tent? Would you like something more like a four-poster bed?

The choice is up to you, but it will depend on the type of curtains you use. If you have sheer curtains, a hoop down can work wonders. If you have thicker curtains for more privacy, you’ll find they sit better from the edges of the bed because they may be too heavy to flow like a tent.

Four-Poster Style: Rods for Curtains in Shiner

If you’ve decided on the four-poster style canopy, grab some curtain rods. You’ll need three or four rods (depending on whether you’re going to have a set of curtains around the headboard or not). Use the same rods for all sides of the bed and just hang your curtains as you would over windows. You can easily use the curtains as you would normally.

Want to pull the curtains open during the day? Use some ribbon to tie the panels together at the corners of the bed during the day.

Tent-Like Canopy: Use an Old Hula Hoop

When you want to hang from the middle of the bed to create a canopy, consider using an old hula hoop or another circular object. You’ll need hooks or brackets at the top to hang the hula hoop from the ceiling. From there, you’ll need hooks or ribbon to fasten the curtains in Shiner from the hoop. Ribbons can be better for sheer material to prevent damage.

Creating a bed canopy is extremely simple and affordable. You just need a set of curtains in Shiner and then it’s up to you how you hang – whether from the middle or the edges of the bed.

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