How to Deal with Smelly Window Treatments in Bastrop

As much as you love your window treatments in Bastrop, there is one major concern. It’s the smell that’s coming from them. Fabric window coverings are more problematic than faux wood, vinyl, or real wood.

The smell happens for all sorts of reasons. It’s usually due to a buildup of the fumes in the home, and you’ll need to manage them as well as working on removing the odors from your window coverings. Here are the top tips to deal with smelly window treatments.

Know the Reason for the Smell

Why is the smell happening? By knowing this, you can take steps to prevent your window treatments in Bastrop from getting so smelly.

One of the most common reasons is due to smoking. If you smoke tobacco or marijuana in the house, you’ll end up with that smell seeping into the materials around. Fabric window coverings are going to suffer the most as they hold onto the smell for a long time.

If you have pets or you cook with a lot of spices, you can also find that the smells linger. Of course, you can’t just take all this outside like you can with smoking. You’ll need to manage the way everything spreads, and you’ll need to clean your window coverings more often.

Wash Your Window Coverings If You Can

If you have drapes or some fabric blinds, you may be able to wash them. Some of them can be placed in the washing machine, so you’ll be able to make them smell of your laundry detergent. You may be able to put your window treatments in Bastrop in the dryer, too, making them smell of dryer sheets or whatever smell you have on the dryer balls.

Not all of them can be cleaned in this manner. You may need to dry clean or steam clean. It’s important that you do this regularly. The cleaning will remove the particles that cause the smells to be left behind. It’s not good enough just spraying with some sort of product that covers up the odors. You want to neutralize the odors to fully remove them.

If you are going to spray them with something, opt for a natural mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice. The two products will help to neutralize smells, clean up the materials, and leave a fresh scent behind on the window treatments in Bastrop.

Opt for Air Purifiers or Dehumidifiers

There are times that you can’t do anything about the smells in your home. With this in mind, you need to find a way to neutralize the smells in the air. An air purifier is a great way to do this. You’ll be able to filter the air particles, making the space much nicer to life in.

A dehumidifier will also help. This can lead to drying out the air, which can be a problem in the winter, though.

You can use both of these tools together. The dehumidifier will help to remove the moisture that holds onto the smells, and the air purifier will them improve the air quality.

Smelly window treatments in Bastrop don’t need to remain a problem. With the right steps, you can remove the reason for the smell or manage it well.

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