Should Wooden Blinds in Bastrop Remain Behind When You Sell?

You’re selling your home and looking at the items you’re taking to your new property. You love your wooden blinds in Bastrop and want to keep them for your new home. However, you’ve heard that they’re fixtures and should remain behind. What’s the right answer?

Can you take your blinds with you? Should you keep them for your buyers? Here’s a look at your options.

What Did You Stipulate?

You have control when it comes to selling the home. While plantation shutters are part of the sale, not all window treatments have to be. This is something that you could state in your contract. Make it clear that you will take the wooden blinds in Bastrop with you.

Your buyers may assume that the blinds are included with the sale if you don’t stipulate anything. This is because blinds are considered a fixture. They’re screwed into the walls, which means they become part of the purchase. However, your lawyer can help draft something up so you can take them with you if you want.

Is There a Home for the Wooden Blinds in Bastrop?

Before you decide that you’re taking the blinds with you, it’s important to assess your needs in the next home. Why do you want to take the blinds with you?

There may be some sentimental value to the blinds. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to make it clear in the sale that you will be taking the blinds with you.

However, the majority of wooden blinds in Bastrop are going to be custom-made for the windows. They’re designed specifically for the size and shape. The blinds aren’t going to fit the other types of windows in your new home. You just end up wasting them and having to buy new anyway. Is there any point in taking the blinds with you?

Can You Replace Blinds Before You Sell?

Before you list your home for sale, you’ll want to make sure it’s staged and ready. This includes the window treatments that you’re going to leave behind. If you want to take your current blinds with you, you’ll want to remove them and hang another type of window treatment.

You could replace with a cheap set of drapes. The great news here is that you can usually take the drapes with you, but you’ll leave the rod behind. The drapes aren’t connected to the wall, so you don’t have to leave them behind.

If you’re already in the selling process, you’re going to want to discuss things with the buyer. For some, the window treatments aren’t going to be necessary to them. They may have already decided to put in a different type of window treatments. Others will have fallen in love with the blinds.

There isn’t quite a yes or no answer to this question. In some cases, you’l

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