Doors, Shutters in Bastrop and More: Frugal Headboard Ideas for the Whole Family

You want to invest in a new headboard for your bed. The problem is you’re on a tight budget and can’t go out to buy the beautiful styles you’ve seen in the store. It’s time to turn to old doors, shutters in Bastrop, and much more for frugal headboard ideas.

There are so many ways to repurpose items in your home. Creating a headboard can be done in one day with some items you already have at home. Here are four quick ideas for the whole family.

Use an Old Door

Have you recently replaced your doors and windows? Don’t immediately throw out the old doors. Unless theyhave mold or other similar problems that would cause health issues in the home, you can repurpose your old doors, especially interior doors.

Sand down the wood and repaint to match your bedroom décor. Turn the door on its side and you’ve got a headboard. You won’t even need to remove the handle and lock if you don’t want, although there are some quick items from the Dollar Store to cover up the holes beautifully.

Repurpose your Shutters in Bastrop

The next items to look at are the shutters that you’ve replaced. This is perfect whether you’re just updating worn-looking shutters,or your shutters have broken. The only time you’ll want to consider against them is if you have exterior shutters that have become damaged and had wood rot become a problem.

Like old doors, you can sand down (wooden shutters in Bastrop) and re-varnish or you can repaint your faux wood and vinyl shutters. Turn them on their side and you have a fancy headboard.

This works with all types of shutters, whether you have colonial, plantation, or even barn shutters. Children can add their own personality through their name or favorite colors and animals painted onto the material.

Reuse Old Window Frames

When you updated your windows, you likely changed the frames. It’s time to repurpose them for your frugal headboard ideas. Remove the glass and replace with some pieces of cloth or photos. You can leave some of the panes completely blank.

What you do with the actual frames is up to you. If you like the distressed look, leave them as they are. If you want to add a sense of newness to them, like doors and shutters in Bastrop tips, opt for sanding down and repainting.

Use Scrap MDF, Plywood, and More

Got bits of scrap wood lying around? Don’t throw it out! You can use it to make a fancy headboard that speaks personality. It doesn’t matter if the scraps don’t match in color. You can create a unique headboard that draws attention.

Place the scraps in line with each other, ensuring no gaps. Nail them together and then add a frame – you can use old window frames for this.

You can also repurpose old shutters in Bastrop in a similar way. Take the broken louvers and place them together to create a colorful collage.

Don’t throw out items you’ve removed during redecorating. Doors, window frames, and shutters in Bastrop are perfect for frugal headboard ideas.

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