Do You Need Thermal Cellular Shades in Seguin for the Winter?

Cellular shades in Seguin look beautiful and offer a wide range of benefits. Despite being made of fabric, they can be the most energy efficient options, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

As it gets closer to winter, you’ll start looking at your options for keeping the room warm. This means looking at the efficiency of your window treatments. Could you do with upgrading to thermal cellular shades?

What Are Thermal Cellular Shades?

The thermal shades have a layer of aluminum within the cells. This helps to add extra insulation to the material, making it much harder for the heat to escape. In fact, the heating won’t even get into the cells as easily as with normal cellular shades in Seguin.

When the heat does get through, it tends to stay there. This keeps the temperatures around the windows warmer, so the heat is less likely to even try to escape through the windows.

If you want to add more insulation around your windows, thermal cell shades can be a good option. However, they do come with downsides.

Cellular Shades in Seguin Are Designed for Energy Efficiency Anyway

You’re going to spend extra money on the window coverings. This is fine if you want to spend it, but do you really need to? The whole benefit of traditional cellular shades is energy efficiency.

The cells are designed to circulate the air. While the heat will try to escape, it gets trapped in the cells and then circulates back into the home rather than out through the window. With this, you’re getting the warmer temperatures at a more consistent rate.

If you really want to add a little extra insulation, you can do it in a much cheaper way. Why not add a set of thermal drapes that you can hang up at the start of winter and then store for the other seasons? They’re much cheaper and offer less hassle.

You’re Going to Block the Light Shining Through the Window

One of the big downsides of thermal cellular shades in Seguin is the blocking of light. Sure, cell shades block some light, but they’re designed to filter or just slightly darken the room. Thermal shades will create a blackout effect because of the aluminum layer.

If you want a blackout effect, this is great. You get it at a much lower price than you would if you got something like venetian blinds or shutters. But in the winter, you still want to let some natural light in. You don’t want the glare from the sun reflecting off the snow, but you don’t want to plunge your home into complete darkness.

Thermal cellular shades in Seguin do offer some great benefits. If you’re looking for something for the bedroom where you want a blackout effect, opt for these window coverings for the winter months. They could even be good in other seasons. However, there are other ways to add insulation to your windows at a much lower cost. Normal cell shades are just perfect for every season.

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