Do You Need Special Products to Clean Faux Wood Blinds in Bastrop?

When you buy window treatments, you need to think about the long-term benefits. You’ll also need to consider maintenance. Cleaning your faux wood blinds in Bastrop is something you need to consider carefully.

With some window treatments, you need to get specialist products for cleaning. Is that the case for aux wood blinds?

You’ll Need to Clean Off the Dust and Dirt First

The first thing you’ll need to get is a duster or micro-fiber cloth. Cleaning the dust and dirt off your faux wood blinds in Bastrop is a must. And you’ll be able to do that with the cloth.

Just wipe once a week and your blinds will always look like they’re new. There’s no need to get anything else for a regular weekly clean.

You can use baby wipes if you want. These have become popular products for many to clean wipes. However, think about the damage you’re doing to the environment. Dusters are designed to be cleaned afterward. They can be washed and used again. Baby wipes go in the landfill.

Faux Wood Blinds in Bastrop Are Designed for Soap and Water

Next up is the monthly or six-monthly cleaning. The amount of times you do this in a year will depend on just how dirty the faux wood blinds look. It can also depend on pets and children in the house. Children like to get sticky fingers everywhere!

You only need some warm soapy water for this need. The blinds are made with a vinyl overlay. This material doesn’t get damaged easily and doesn’t need a lot of harsh materials to clean easily.

Most of the time, you won’t need to scrub the blinds, either. Because of the material, they don’t let too much grime soak in. You should be able to just wipe clean.

This is on top of the regular cleaning with the duster.

There’s No Need for Special Maintenance

You don’t need to buy special products to clean faux wood blinds in Bastrop. They’re designed for easy cleaning with just regular soapy water. Use a little dish soap and you’ll find the dirt and grime is removed easily.

If you do want to use a product, look for an all-purpose cleaner. However, you don’t want to use this too much. The chemicals can damage the vinyl overtime, affecting the durability of the window coverings.

When you do use anything with chemicals in, you’ll want to wipe down with a cloth. This helps to get rid of any residue to avoid long-term damage.

Make sure the treatments are fully dry before hanging the slats back up, whether you use chemicals or warm soapy water. Allowing to dry fully will prevent any streak marks on the window treatments.

Faux wood blinds in Bastrop look beautiful, but they need to be kept clean. With regular tips, you can make sure your blinds always look like new. Your home will look brighter and cleaner from regularly cleaning, and there’s no need to buy anything with chemicals in it.

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