Can You Reuse Plantation Shutters in Gonzales After Replacing Them?

It’s time to replace your plantation shutters in Gonzales. This happens every decade or two. It’s all just part of the natural life cycle of the window coverings.

Just because you’re removing old shutters doesn’t mean they need to be thrown out. There are ways to recycle your shutters, using them for other things around the home. You may not use all of them but using just a little will help protect the environment. Here are some ideas to help recycle your shutters.

Turn Them Into a Divider for a Room

Start with a divider. You can place hinges on the plantation shutters in Gonzales to allow the doors to open and close like an accordion. You’ve seen the way dividers sit when you’ve looked around the stores. Make your own and save a lot of money.

You can open and close the louvers still on these doors. This gives you all the privacy you need. Plus, it’s possible to decorate the shutters however you want. You don’t even need to paint them. You can use the louvers as holders for photos and other decorative items.

Make Signs and Decorations with Plantation Shutters in Gonzales

Don’t need a divider? There are still plenty of other ways to reuse the shutters. One of those is to make signs and decorations.

You may have seen people place wood signs outside their door. They have something for every season, whether it’s a painted snowman for the winter or a witch for Halloween. It may just be a standard welcome sign.

Close the louvers and repaint your shutter door. Now you can paint whatever pattern you want on it. Make sure the paint is durable for the outside if it’s going to be placed out there. You can do indoor decorations instead if you want.

Use the Louvers for Labels

Plantation shutters in Gonzales tend to be made with faux wood material. This is durable, and you can use it for all sorts of needs. One of those is labels.

If you have a garden outside, you’ll want to make sure you don’t mistake the plants and vegetables that you’re growing. Take the louvers from the shutters and write on them. You can easily stick the labels in the ground, and they won’t break down into the earth.

Make Other Furniture Out of Them

You can turn your plantation shutters in Gonzales into other types of furniture. Some people will make headboards for the bed out of them. Turn the shutters on their side and nail them together. Others will make coffee tables or craft tables out of them.

You can also make shelving units out of them. You’ll need some planks of wood, but the shutters become the backing of the shelves. You’ll add a rustic look to your home.

There’s no need to throw out your plantation shutters in Gonzales when they’ve come to the end of their life. It’s time to repurpose the items in your home, and shutters are mightily easy to recycle.

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