Can You Have a Cornice in Seguin with a Minimalist Style?

You want a minimalist style in your home. At the same time, you want a room to look beautiful and show off your personality. Do the two really go hand-in-hand? Could you show off your personality with a cornice in Seguin?

A cornice is a decorative window covering, although sometimes you’ll see it around the ceiling where it joins to the walls. The wood or faux wood material simply adds something pretty to look at, but the wrong style can take away from a minimalist style. Here are some considerations to make.

Do You Really Need a Cornice in Seguin?

The cornice isn’t necessarily going to work with a minimalist style. Remember this modern look is designed to be simple. The aim is to keep things to the bare basics, and that means stripping down on the decorative elements in the home.

So, before you even look at cornices that will work with a minimalist look, you’ll need to decide whether one is necessary. Are there other items out there that will work in the way you’re thinking? Could you opt for something different to keep the style?

For example, window blinds can often have a flap that covers the top of the blind, whether there’s a motor there or not. This is a great way to cover up the hardware, which is the main reason people get cornices over the windows.

Keep the Cornices Over Windows Simple

If you do decide that a cornice in Seguin is necessary, you’ll need to look at simplistic ones. It’s important to keep the minimalist look, which means you’re probably looking more at a coving than a cornice.

A coving is a plain addition around the top of the window. It is in one color with no intricate details in the woodwork. Really, you’re getting something like the flap that some blinds will come with if you’ve decided to buy a window covering that doesn’t have that cover flap.

This type of addition is beneficial in a few ways. You’ll hide the window covering hardware, which can help to continue the minimalist style. You’ll also be able to protect some of the window coverings from dust, especially if you have motorized blinds. You could also add some hidden spotlights in the window.

Keep the Color Minimalistic

Once you’ve chosen the style, you’ll need to pick the color of the cornice in Seguin. This needs to be minimalist in style. The best option is to work with plain white.

This is going to depend on the color of your walls, though. While you’ve gone minimalist, there is a chance you’ve decided that plain white walls don’t work. They can look a little too clinical in nature. So, you may have picked an eggshell color or something with a bit of a tint. The white cornice will stand out, but only in a way to add detail around the windows.

You can get away with adding a cornice in Seguin to a minimalist home. The question you need to answer first is whether you definitely want or need it.

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