Are Shutters in Shiner Really Any Good for Heat Management?

You’ll hear a lot about the benefits of shutters in Shiner. One of the big benefits touted is how they offer heating benefits. This isn’t just about saving heat in the winter, but about managing the temperatures in the summer.

How can one type of window treatment help throughout the year? Is it really a benefit of shutters? Here’s what you need to know about shutters and heat management.

They Physically Block the Heat Loss When Used Properly

One of the big benefits of having shutters in Shiner is the ability to block the heat loss in the winter months. The material acts as a physical barrier, which doesn’t just stop people, but also stop the heat from escaping. It gets to the barrier and is pushed back into the home as it tries to get through the windows.

With external shutters, you help to create warmer temperatures around the windows. This helps to discourage the heat inside trying to escape because the air doesn’t feel as cold.

You do need to use the shutters properly, though. As soon as the sun goes down, close the shutters to prevent heat loss.

You Can Avoid the UV Rays with the Louvers

But the winter makes sense. How are shutters in Shiner good for managing the temperatures in the warmer months? With barn shutters, you’ll just completely block out the light coming through, blocking the UV rays completely to manage the temperatures. But you do end up with a blackout effect.

Plantation shutters are perfect for the summer months. You use the louvers as you would slat on blinds. Twist the louvers slightly to block the UV rays without blocking all the light and you’ll instantly manage the temperatures in the home. It’s the UV rays that cause the temperatures to increase, after all.

The Material of Shutters in Shiner Counts for a Lot

You will need to consider the material. You’ll usually get faux wood shutters, especially if you get internal plantation shutters. Vinyl is another popular material. Both materials last for decades, and they offer all the heating and cooling benefits you could need.

Metal shutters can be beneficial outside. However, you’re not likely to use them during the heat of the summer because they create a blackout effect. Real wood can be beneficial but they warp in the heat, which can mean losing some of the heating and cooling benefits over time.

There’s a Placebo Effect with Shutters

There is a lot to say about the placebo effect. When you get shutters in Shiner, you know that they should offer heating and cooling benefits. Because you know of the benefits, you’ll mentally feel a little warmer in the house.

You can block off the look of the icy weather outside. It’s easier to block the view of snowstorms. You trap yourself in your home, making you feel safer and warmer through the winter.

It’s time to consider shutters in Shiner. They really do offer the heat management benefits you keep hearing about.

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