Are Drapes in Seguin Safe?

There are some beautiful window coverings out there. Drapes in Seguin come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. There is going to be something for all needs, whether you want a blackout effect or you just want to add style.

One of the most important things is to make sure the window coverings are safe. If you have children or pets, you need to get rid of anything that could be a strangulation risk. Are drapes something you’ll need to get rid of?

It’s Going to Depend on the Size

Let’s start with the size of your drapes in Seguin. As mentioned, there are different sizes available. You can get drapes that go all the way to the floor, or you could opt for drapes that only hang to the windowsill. Then there are those that sit in between.

The in between ones are great if you have baseboard heating and air. You want the drapes to sit just on top instead of covering them. However, longer drapes could be a safety concern. The material in is reach of small hands and can be pulled down.

Opting for shorter drapes could be the way to go. The drapes sit on or just below the windowsill, keeping them out of sight of smaller children. This is also great to keep them out of reach of pets, especially cats that like to climb. Make sure the furniture is out of the way, too!

Look Out for Ties and Cords

Drapes in Seguin could need to be tied out of the way when they’re open. You may want to create that aesthetic from the early 20th century. These ties are something you’ll want to get rid of when you have children.

You’re creating a loop with the ties. This loop is the reason a lot of corded blinds and shades are being banned in parts of the world. The loop is a strangulation risk, and you want to keep that away from your children and your pets.

You don’t need the ties for drapes. They hang well without them.

Watch Out for the Rods

You’ll have rods for your drapes in Seguin. There are different options available, with the two main choices being tension rods or secured rods. The secured rods are going to be the best options when it comes to safety for your children.

Tension rods work well and create less damage. The problem is they’re much easier to pull down. All it could take is a tug from a toddler and the rod could end up on top of them. The rods can even slip if you haven’t installed them just right, leading to accidental injuries. Pets climbing could lead to the rods falling and injuries happening. It’s just better to be safe than sorry for your younger family members.

There are some beautiful drapes to pick, and they can be suitable for everyone in the family. It’s all about making drapes in Seguin safe, and that means picking the right options before you buy them.

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