Aluminum vs. Vinyl Blinds in La Grange: What’s the Best for Your Home

When you’re shopping for blinds in La Grange on a tight budget, you’ll likely come across aluminum or vinyl materials. Both certainly have their benefits and they are the cheapest options available. However, just because you want cheap doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or benefits.

It’s important to compare the two types directly. Here’s a look at how one can benefit over the other in various needs of blinds.

Durability and Flexibility

Aluminum blinds in La Grange are among the best for durability. The material is sturdy and is less likely break under strain. However, it’s not as flexible in the window.

Meanwhile, vinyl blinds have more flexibility to them. They don’t tend to dent or crease. The downside is that they’re easier to break, so if you have a pet that likes to spend time near the window, you might want to consider aluminum.

That being said, vinyl is easier to clear than vinyl, which can be an advantage if you have pets. Then there’s the fact that aluminum is easier to repair.

Traces of Lead in Some Vinyl Blinds in La Grange

You’ll need to check where your vinyl blinds are manufactured. Those made in the United States come with the benefit of no lead. Yet, those made in other countries can have traces of lead. This is especially a problem in the likes of Asia or the Middle East. Lead is an extremely dangerous substance, especially if you have children or pets.

Aluminum doesn’t carry this risk and is a safe metal to have in the house. Of course, vinyl can be safe if you get it from the right place.

Aluminum Blinds Tend to Be More Energy Efficient

If you’re looking for a blind that offers you the most energy efficiency, you’ll want to consider aluminum. Metal is far better for blocking and reflecting the sun’s rays than vinyl, which is perfect in the middle of the summer. You’ll find you keep the temperatures in the room cool throughout the warmer months and don’t need to use the air conditioning as much.

The material is also a good blocker from the heat leaving the room. During the winter, you can avoid the use of the heating too much during the day and night.

One of the reasons vinyl is considered though is that the heat from the sun can warp the metal blinds in La Grange. Vinyl doesn’t distort as easily, making them slightly better for longevity, especially in south-facing rooms.

Which Is the Cheaper Blind?

If you’re shopping purely on a cost focus, then it’s going to be vinyl blinds in La Grange. The material is far easier to source and to put together. This is especially the case for materials from abroad (although remember the danger of lead).

That being said, the cost differences can be negligible when it comes to larger spaces for your blinds. Plus, while aluminum can be more expensive upfront, there may be more cost benefits in the long term because of the energy efficiency.

Think of what you want to gain out of your blinds in La Grange. This will help you choose between the two materials.

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