4 Colors to Choose for Drapes in Giddings for the Spring

Drapes in Giddings make excellent window treatments. Whether you use them as secondary or primary window coverings, you want to make sure you get the right color. This is more than just fitting with the décor and getting a color that works with the season.

The spring brings a sense of renewal, but it also has some dark and dreary days with all the rain. Here are the top four colors to choose for your drapes in the spring months.

Opt for Light Yellow

The first color to consider is yellow. You want to pick a lighter yellow, something that reminds you of the sun or the sand. The idea is to bring a sense of the summer months, the beaches, into your home. You’ll immediately get a sense of warmth and brightness in the home.

Yellow drapes in Giddings will also help to reflect the light around the home. When just a little daylight shines through it will reflect off the color and bounce around the home. You’ll make the room feel larger and brighter than it would with the darker colors. This even works on dreary days with minimal light.

Choose a Light Green

Another great color in the spring is green. Opt for a light green to work with the spring colors. Light green will make you think of the grass growing again. You’ll think of the blossoms outside and the sense of rebirth. You know that summer is just around the corner with green drapes in Giddings.

Another great benefit of light green is the same as light yellow. You’ll see the light bounce around the room better. The downside is that green can be a slightly harder color to work with other décors.

Pick White Secondary Drapes in Giddings

When you’re worried about matching other décors in the room, you’ll want to look at getting a set of white drapes. These look beautiful and certainly help to bounce the light around the room, but don’t they look a little boring?

Certainly not. When working as a secondary treatment, white is the best because it’s an easier color to work with the rest of the colors around your home. You can also choose sheer drapes, which will allow the maximum amount of light into your home. The sheer material will work to filter the light, so you get the brightness but not the glare.

Choose a Beige Color for Thermal Drapes

If you have thermal drapes, you’ll want to make sure the material remains light. The idea is to help the light bounce around the room. Thermal drapes in Giddings stop the light from getting through the material, so you need to bounce the interior light.

The thermal drapes are great for the spring months, especially in the morning to prevent heat loss overnight. However, you’ll want to double with some sheer drapes so you can let natural light in during the day.

What color are you choosing for your drapes in Giddings? Look for colors that will reflect the light in the spring to gain more on the dreary days.

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