4 Colors of Roman Blinds in Seguin for Small Rooms

Roman blinds in Seguin can be beautiful additions. They work well in smaller rooms, but you will need to consider the color. Go too dark and you end up with a cramped room.

Not sure what you should opt for? Here are four colors of roman blinds that look perfect.

Keep It Simple with White

White tends to be the go-to color option for rooms, but it’s not because people lack imagination. White roman blinds in Seguin make the room look spacious and bright. The color brings that sense of airiness, helping to instantly make a smaller room look larger than ever before.

The more light there is, the wide a space looks. It’s possible to reflect more and that instantly brings that sense of a larger space. White instantly brings that idea of light and reflection. After all, the color is created because all the colors in the world mesh together. It’s the opposite of black, which is the absence of light.

So, go simple with your roman blinds and you’ll be happy.

Work with Cream Roman Blinds in Seguin

For those who don’t want white, you can go a slightly different shade of cream. You still get the airiness, but it doesn’t look as clinical or “boring.”

Cream comes in different shades, so you’ll want to look out for neutral and light options. Think of the off-white color, something like eggshells or the color of milk. You’ll get the same lightness to reflect to make the room look larger than it is.

Try Light Yellow for Happiness

Another option to go slightly off white is light yellow. This is a beautiful shade that will bring a sense of happiness to your home. Roman shades in Seguin can add a sense of summer into the home throughout the year.

Yellow is the color of the sun. However, you want to keep it on the lighter shade for the reflection and the sense of brightness in the room. This helps to make the room feel wider than it really is.

The lightness of the color will naturally make you feel warmer and happier. This immediately sets that positive mood in the space, removing that feeling of darkness and claustrophobia.

Work with Light Blue

A baby blue color is perfect for a small space. If you’re looking to dress the nursery windows, roman shades in Seguin in a pastel or baby blue color are perfect. Whether for a boy or girl, the light color brings in a sense of the sky and nature.

You will immediately think of a summer day, helping to add that positive, happy feeling in the room. The lightness will also help to add a sense of the air, bringing in that warm feeling and added reflection.

Using the four colors above, you can immediately transform a small room. It’s time to step away from the sense of cramp in a box room and make the space work to your advantage. You can even mix and match some of the colors of roman blinds in Seguin and still get the feeling of more space.

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