3 Types of Drapes in Bastrop to Consider This Summer

The official start of the summer is just days away and many of you will be looking at ways to brighten up your décor. Using a new set of drapes in Bastrop is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do so. What type of drapes or curtains should you consider? Here are three that will be perfect for this summer.

 Opt for Sheer Drapes for Your Windows

 Don’t bother with the big, thick options. Whether you have other window treatments or not, a set of sheer drapes will immediately offer a brighter and more summery look. You’ll also gain a range of benefits by having the lighter material in the warmer months.

 With sheer drapes in Bastrop, you prevent the UV rays getting through the window. This can help to minimize the UV damage to your furniture, walls, and carpets. You’ll not have to replace items as quickly as you would otherwise. The drapes can even be closed permanently without losing light, because you may lose the UV but the natural light still easily shines through.

 The sheer material will also prevent a view from the outside. Throughout the day and night, people won’t be able to see what’s going on inside.

 Choose White, Thin Material Drapes in Bastrop

 Sheer drapes not quite what you wanted? One of the downsides is that you don’t get rid of all light, especially on a night. Try a set of white drapes instead. You want something that has a thin material, allowing some of the natural light to shine through when they’re in use.

 Unlike sheer drapes, the material usually darkens the room instead of only filtering the light. This can help on a night, since you create more of a sense of darkness to make it easier to sleep.

 The white material keeps the light in the room reflecting. And the lighter material can move in the breeze. You get a sense of the summer, even feeling like you’re at a beach house. These drapes are perfect for conservatories or dining rooms.

 Bright Colored Drapes for Your Home

 If you do want something thicker, you’ll want to opt for the bright colors. These can be perfect paired with solar shades or shutters. Keep the shutters/shades plain white and use the drapes in Bastrop to add the color and definition to the windows.

 Opt for summery colors. Yellows work perfectly, bringing in a sense of the beach. However, oranges can also be good for the style and the mental health. A sky blue is an excellent choice if you want to think of bright sunny days.

 Not happy with the beach look? Deep greens are excellent. They offer the feeling of the forest when you’re camping in the summer, and they work for the spring and fall too, bringing a sense of the outdoors into your home.

 Your drapes in Bastrop can certainly add character to a room. You’ll gain more practicality with the right style for you. Opt for one of the three above and you’ll have something that makes you want to spend time in the rooms in the summer.

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