3 Types of Blinds and Shades in Seguin Popular Right Now

There are many types of window shades and blinds available, but some are more popular than others. Cellular shades in Seguin are among the popular options, but people want a specific type. The same applies to roller shades and venetian blinds. Here are three types of blinds and shades that are popular right now.

Top-Down & Bottom-Up Cellular Shades in Seguin

One of the most popular types of shades and blinds for homes are those that work in two ways. They offer the tradition bottom-up movement, but they also open from the top down. These types of shades often have the rim in the middle of the window, but you can also get them custom made to work with your specific type of window.

They are highly recommended for those who want to allow light in without affecting privacy. You can let the winter sun into your home by opening from the top down but keep the bottom closed to prevent all view from the outside into the home.

Another benefit is that these cellular shades in Seguin are cordless. You’ll keep the little ones and the pets in the house safe. They’re still extremely easy to use and often cost less than other popular window coverings right now.

Dual-Light Window Shades

A highly, modern type of shade is the duel light window shade. They offer more control over the amount of light that you allow into the home, creating both a room darkening and a blackout effect in the home.

You can get cellular shades in Seguin with a dual-light setting. However, this type of treatment is popular when it comes to venetian blinds and roller shades.

On the front, the shade looks like any other type. It could be a solar shade to allow light into the conservatory during the day or you may get a venetian blind look that allows the filtering of the light into the home. At the back, there’s a roller shade that slides up and down. While the front is closed, you can have the back open completely until you’re ready to close it.

This type of shade allows you to have solar shades in every room and then gain from roller shades at the back for privacy on a night. You can also have the room darkening benefits of cellular shades in Seguin but then the blackout effect of roller shades on a night.

Modern Roman Shades

Similar to the dual-light window shades, you can get the modern roman shades. They’re a traditional roman shade but with a sheer front. They act like solar shades but as a roman shade instead of a roller one.

On the back, there’s a darker shade covering. This is like a roller shade that pulls up and down but makes it look like your roman shades are a flawless, natural design.

There are pros and cons to each of the types of popular shades right now. Cellular shades in Seguin will still offer you more of the heating and cooling benefits, even with the dual-light benefits of other shades. The one you choose will depend on what you want to gain from your window treatments.

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