Why Drapes in Falmouth Are Perfect for Doubling Up Your Window Coverings

If you’re currently looking for window treatments for your home, you’ll want to think of your needs and requirements. You may find that the best way to get everything you want is through doubling up your window coverings. That means you’ll want to consider drapes in Falmouth for one of your treatments.

Doubling up treatments may cost a little extra than you initially wanted to spend but the investment is worth it. Plus, depending on the second type of treatment, you could have something that is transferable between homes if you rent or you’re not living somewhere long-term.

Why are drapes so good as one of your window coverings? Here’s why they’re the perfect doubling-up window treatment.

Drapes in Falmouth Hang Outside the Frame

When you have two window treatments, there’s the risk of one getting in the way of the other. That isn’t going to happen with drapes. The drapes will hang outside of the window, while the other hangs on the inside of the frame.

By keeping them both separate, you gain maximum use of the two. You will need to drill a rod into the wall above the window frame, but it’s worth it for the full use of your two different window coverings.

Whether you choose shutters, blinds, or shades, you’ll find that the drapes will work easily. The only time they could get in the way is if you choose sheer or linen curtains as your second window treatment but there are easy ways around dealing with that.

You Can Quickly Match Décor Needs

It doesn’t matter if you have shutters, blinds, or shades, you’ll find that your drapes in Falmouth easily work with the coloring. You’ll also find that the drapes can easily work with whatever the décor is in the home.

Because of the fabric material, you can get drapes in a color or style that works for need. Want something crisp and white? That’s an option with good quality drapes. You can also use the drapes to add the splash of color while your secondary treatments are the neutral base color.

In fact, you don’t even need to use the drapes. They can become a decorative part of your home, dressing the window and using the second window treatment daily instead.

They’re Easy to Use Daily

Drapes aren’t going to be a problem to use. They just pull on and off and you’re good. This is great when you just want to quickly use one of your window treatments to block out the light.

However, when not in use, they remain completely out of the way of the window. You can use the secondary treatment as much as you like.

When it comes to maintenance, your drapes are the easiest option. Give them a shake daily and use the brush on them when vacuuming and you’ll keep them looking like new!

It’s time to think about doubling up with your window treatments. Drapes in Falmouth are one of the best options as one of the window coverings, offering a range of benefits to work with the secondary option.

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