What’s the Big Deal About Cordless Blinds?

You may hear the current praise about cordless blinds in Stafford. There are a number of companies that will only sell these types of blinds. These companies are proud to say that they do this. Just what is the big deal about cordless blinds? Why do you really need them in your home?

It’s All About Safety

The biggest reason for installing Stafford cordless blinds is the safety aspect. Corded blinds are considered a major hazard for children and pets. There are some horrible stories of toddlers and young children getting their heads caught in the hoops in blinds accidentally. Parents haven’t realized until it’s too late, as suffocation is silent.

Cordless blinds eliminate that worry and danger. There is nothing for children to get their heads caught in. There are no knots that can accidentally appear and no wires that can slip.

There are still other steps that parents should take, including not putting furniture close to the blinds. However, the risks for the family are minimized through the use of the cordless structures.

Can’t You Keep Cords Out of Reach?

There is the opinion that keeping the cords out of reach will protect children. However, there are many parents who do this only to find the cords have fallen down. The cords also being a hassle when trying to work the blinds.

It really is just easier to invest in Stafford cordless blinds. There are fewer worries of exploring children climbing on furniture to grab the cords that are put out of reach. After all, children are curious and they don’t understand cords are out of reach for their safety.

There’s No Need to Deal with Tangled Messes

While safety is the big reason for cordless blinds in Stafford, there is also the ability to keep your blinds smart throughout the year. Have you ever noticed that cords always seem to get tangled? No matter how you place them or what you do, you end up with knots and a mess that is a major headache to fix.

Well, cordless blinds take away the headaches. There’s nothing to become tangled. You don’t have to worry about how the cords look when visitors are over. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get rid of the knots, only to make them worse!

Cordless Blinds Are Easy to Use

While cords are considered easier, cordless blinds in Stafford are still relatively easy to use. There are different styles that will work. Some have a single plastic line that you just twist to open and close the blinds. Others will involve pulling on the physical blind to put it in place. The trickiest part with these types is opening them. You need to pull at just the right angle to release from the shook.

After a while, you will get used to your safer blinds. Once they’re in your home for a week, you will soon find that there is nothing to worry about and you’ve made the best investment.

It’s time to invest in Stafford cordless blinds. The big deal about them is the safety aspect. You’re keeping children and pets free from strangulation risk, which is why some companies are proud to say that they only sell these styles of blinds.

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