Tips for Using Your Patio Blinds in Stafford for Your Summer BBQ

It’s the summer and that means you’re likely getting your BBQs on the go. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family, but you want to make sure you’re sheltered safely from the sun. Patio blinds in Stafford could be an excellent option but make sure you use them properly. Here are the top tips for using patio blinds with your summer BBQ.

 Keep Your BBQ Away from the Shelter

 If your patio blinds create an enclosed shelter, you need to keep your BBQ on the outside. The shelter will prevent ventilation being accessible, so the smoke from the BBQ will remain in the enclosed space. You want to make sure there’s plenty of room for the BBQ to spread in the air and avoid your lungs!

 The patio blinds in Stafford also create a fire risk. Keep the BBQ away from the material.

 You can get blinds or coverings suitable for the BBQs. They’ll be higher from the ground and won’t have sides. The idea is that they’re cover from the rain so you can still BBQ regardless of the weather.

 Use the Blinds in the Hottest Heat 

You’ll likely be outside throughout the day. The temperatures will rise and fall, you’ll get breeze from various sides, and you’ll need to think about the direct sunlight. Using sunscreen isn’t enough to protect yourself and your family.

 During the hottest times of the day, you’ll want to try to avoid the sun as much as possible. Go inside if you can, but if not, then this is your time to fully use your patio blinds in Stafford. Pull down the sides so that you can block out the sun’s rays.

 You’ll find the blinds will offer shelter from the sun’s natural heat. You’ll be in the shade, where you can avoid the risk of sun stroke. Do make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, though!

 Get Verandah Patio Blinds in Stafford

 Make sure you have the right type of patio blinds for your home when BBQing this summer. Verandah style blinds are perfect. These will stick out from the side of your home, covering more of the patio or even into the garden.

 This idea is that you get as much of garden in the shade as possible. You don’t need to worry about the moving sun with these types of patio blinds, as they’ll cover the top completely. You’ll be able to watch the sun move.

 If you can’t install the verandah style blinds, you’ll want to consider getting some sun umbrellas for the garden. You can set up a small seating area, perfect to let the kids eat and play out of the sun.

 Patio blinds in Stafford are excellent additions to your home. They’re perfect for summer BBQ weather, but you need to use them properly to make the most of them. Think about the placement of your BBQ for safety and consider getting new verandah patio blinds for maximum coverage.

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