Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters in Stafford

Just what type of window covering should you get for your home? There are just so many to choose from, right? How about Stafford plantation shutters? They could be just what you’ve needed for years. Before you just jump into a choice, here’s a look at the pros and cons of these types of shutters for a home.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters

Let’s start with the benefits. One of the biggest reasons to add plantation shutters in Stafford homes is due to the increase to the value. Shutters tend to stay with the home, meaning the new owners get to keep them. Plantation shutters are the only type of window coverings with this benefit.

They’re also made to work with your home. It’s not just a case of taking a rough measurement and trimming or hemming the bottom to make them fit. Plantation shutters need to be made to fit a specific home. This is another reason they increase the value—since they won’t fit any other windows.

You’ll also get all the same light and privacy benefits of other window coverings. In fact, shutters allow you the ability to protect windows from storm damage too, since they can sit inside or outside the home.

Stafford plantation shutters are among the most durable options. They are designed to last, especially considering the cost that you pay for them. When looked after (we’ll get to that in the downsides) they can remain on the home for decades. There are some properties that have 100-year-old shutters because they are that well looked after.

The Downsides of Stafford Plantation Shutters

Like anything, there are some downsides to plantation shutters. The first is that they’re not affordable for all. Remember that they need to be custom made. This means extra labor and tools are needed to create the best option for your Stafford windows. If you want something cheap, you’ll need something that is created in a warehouse by a machine one after the other.

They can also make your home look dated. The plantation shutters in Stafford need to be made with quality in mind and maintained throughout the year. This will require upkeep from you.

As for the upkeep, it is more than would apply to wood blinds or fabric curtains. You’ll need to wash and dust regularly, and sometimes remove the shutters to clean out the hinges in full. You may also need to repaint every now and then. The upkeep is worth it when you think about the cost addition to your Stafford home.

The maintenance is actually relatively easy. You won’t need to spend hours on end every single week going through the motions. You’ll find the hinges need work every couple of years and the wood needs repainting every five years or so (depending on the extreme weather).

They can be noisy if not locked properly during a storm. This is a downside that is very easy to get over. If you have indoor ones, you won’t have this issue.

Think about your window covering options carefully. Above are the pros and cons of plantation shutters in Stafford homes. Would they be perfect for your home’s needs?

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