How to Use Cellular Shades in Fredericksburg During the Winter Months

Cellular shades in Fredericksburg are among the best types of window coverings for the home. They’re affordable and offer many of the benefits of blinds and shutters. They can be everything you need in the winter months, as well as every other season of the year.

 As you get ready for the winter, you’ll want to make sure your window coverings are working to your advantage. If you have cellular shades, these are the tips you want to follow to make the most out of them.

 Make Sure the Honeycombs Are Cleaned Out 

You’ll use your cellular shades in Fredericksburg regularly. This can lead to a lot of dust and dead insects getting trapped in the honeycombs. You’ll want to make sure you look after your blinds to make sure they work to your advantage.

 It will be harder for the air to circulate back into the room if you don’t clean the honeycombs out regularly. Once a month, at the very least, make sure you get rid of the buildup within the blinds.

 Use Cellular Shades in Fredericksburg as Soon as It Gets Dark

 As the sun sets, you’re not going to get any heating benefits from UV rays. You’ll want to consider closing your cellular shades immediately. After all, it’s not like there’s much to look out to—and you’ll keep some privacy for yourself as you turn your lights on.

 If you’re not in the house, consider getting cell shades that are motorized. This will allow you to use them from a distance. If they’re connected to a smart device, you can open and close from work, giving you more freedom and ensuring you gain all the benefits right away.

 Closing your blinds as soon as your heating goes on is also beneficial. You’ll immediately start circulating the heat back into your home, preventing the escape through the window. 

Consider Doubling Up with Other Window Treatments

 One of the easiest ways to use your cellular shades in Fredericksburg is to double up with other window treatments. You’ll still want to use the shades in the ways mentioned above, but you get an extra layer of heat benefits during the cold nights.

Cellular shades offer some of the best window treatment to double up. They sit within the window drame and don’t tend to have cords, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with other window treatments. Great, right?

 While they do work with almost anything else, there are some that will work better than others. Consider a set of roman shades if you really want another type of shade. Otherwise, you’ll find curtains or drapes much better. You can use the cellular shades during the day and add the curtains as the secondary layer at night.

 Your cellular shades in Fredericksburg can be great for heating benefits during the winter. When used effectively, you’ll keep the heat in and make your house look amazing at a low cost. Why aren’t you using cell shades?

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