How to Make the Most of Cellular Blinds in Fredericksburg During the Summer

Cellular blinds in Fredericksburg are great for managing the levels of heat in the home without losing too much natural light. However, to make the most of them, you need to use the window coverings just right. Here are the top tips to make the most during the summer.

 Close Them During the Hottest Times of the Day

When you can, you want to make sure your cell shades are closed during the hottest times of the day. This is especially important for windows that face the south or tend to get a lot of direct sunlight during the hotter times.

 The hotter times of the day are also when the UV rays are at their strongest. They’ll lead to the temperatures rising in the home more than at other times of the day. Cellular blinds in Fredericksburg can block the UV rays from entering the home, meaning you can keep the heat lower inside.

 Use When Your Air Conditioning Is On

 Another trick is to use your cellular shades when your air conditioning is on. The honeycomb setup helps to keep the air circulating and prevents it from escaping through the window. As your cool air circulates, it will direct back into the room, so you’ll keep the lower temperatures for longer.

 This is also beneficial because you’ll likely use the air con during the hotter times of the day. Not only are you circulating the air, but you’re preventing the UV rays shining through to keep the temperatures more consistent.

 You may need to install motorized blinds to make the most of this tip.

 Make Sure Your Cellular Blinds in Fredericksburg Are Cleaned

 When the dust and the dirt build up within the honeycombs, the blinds won’t work as effectively as they could. It’s worth making sure your blinds are cleared regularly, especially during the summer.

 This is the time of year you’ll get a lot of bugs entering your home. Flies, mosquitos, spiders, wasps, and more come into the home for food and cool air. They can get trapped in the blinds and die, as they attempt to flee the home. This makes it harder to circulate the air through the honeycombs so you don’t get all the benefits that you should.

 You only need a vacuum and a spray can to manage the cleaning. Put a stray on the end of an old and empty aerosol can and spray between the honeycombs to easily push the dust and dead bugs out the other side. You can then use the vacuum to get rid of the debris.

 Replace with Light Blinds

 If you’re looking at installing cellular blinds in Fredericksburg, make sure you look for lighter colors. They don’t block as much light, so you get light filtering or room darkening cell shades instead of a blackout effect. The lighter colors are also good for managing heat. They’ll reflect instead of absorb!

 Use your cellular blinds effectively and you’ll enjoy the benefits all summer long. The above tips will give you the day-to-day running of cellular blinds in Fredericksburg, and you can use them immediately.

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