5 Tips to Get Spotsylvania Shutters on a Budget

Shutters in Spotsylvania are considered one of the best types of window coverings. The problem for many is the cost. While they are cost-effective in the long-term, you may have such a small budget that you can’t afford them. It’s time to stretch your budget and get the type of window covering you would prefer. There are five top tips to get Spotsylvania shutters on a budget.

Opt for Second Hand

Shutters last a long time. Your neighbors or friends may be getting rid of their shutters or you may see someone selling theirs in a Facebook group or on Gumtree. There’s nothing wrong with second hand shutters to help keep the cost down.

What you will want to check is that the shutters were taken care of. Make sure they aren’t rotting (if wood) and that metal hasn’t warped in the heat. If it’s just the hinges that are a problem, consider replacing them at a low cost to get the best window coverings for your home.

Make Your Own Shutters

You don’t need to buy professionally made ones if you don’t have the money. It is possible to make your own shutters in Spotsylvania. Make sure you get good quality wood or metal, depending on the type of shutters you want to make.

If you’re not quite ready to make the whole shutter yourself, look for older ones that you can repurpose. You’ll be able to give the material a new paint covering and sand down worn areas to create beautiful options for your home.

Opt for Faux Wood

One of the cheapest materials for Spotsylvania shutters is faux wood. It’s cheaper, making it possible to get the perfect coverings for less than $100 (depending on side). Most people won’t even notice that you have the fake type, so only you know what your shutters really cost. Faux wood tends to last just as long as real wood, as long as it’s looked after.

Most shutter companies will offer faux wood as an option. Some will also offer vinyl to help you keep the cost down further if you’re on a tight budget. Both are suitable for interior and exterior shutters.

Measure Two to Three Times

Most homeowners on a budget will want to install the shutters themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this to keep your budget down, but it can also be one of the biggest cost drainers. Those who are experienced in shutter installation will know about measuring quickly and accurately.

Avoid getting shutters that are the wrong size and need to be replaced by measuring two or three times. If all your measurements are different, you’ll want to hire an expert to double check the measurements for you.

Make Do with Blinds and Save Up

You want to splash out for shutters in Spotsylvania. These are a permanent option for your home and will make your space look absolutely beautiful. They also add value to your home, meaning the cost pays off in the end. It’s worth saving up your money to afford the best shutters around.

This will often mean making do with blinds or another type of cheaper window covering. Remember that this is only temporary and for a good cause.

Are you ready to get your Spotsylvania shutters? Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to avoid them.

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