Will Plantation Shutters in Milton Actually Lower Your Home Insurance?

There are many financial benefits to getting plantation shutters in Milton. While you hear all about the heating cost benefits and protecting your furniture, you will also hear about how shutters can lower your home insurance.

Is this true? This isn’t a simple yes or no answer. Here are all the factors to consider when getting plantation shutters for your home.

It Will Depend on the Insurance Company

Your current insurance company may not care if you have plantation shutters in Milton or not. It’s worth calling up to find out if there is a discount for these types of window coverings.

There are some insurance companies that love them. There are others that don’t see a home being more protected against break-ins. Of course, this could also depend on the style of shutters. After all, board and batten shutters tend to be a little sturdier and harder to break through compared to shutters with louvers.

So, before you buy anything to get the home insurance benefits, talk to your home insurance company. If they don’t offer it, you can shop around for a company that will. Of course, then you need to consider any other discounts that your current company offers, including any bundling discounts that you may get. Will you lose them?

It Could Depend on the Placement of the Shutters

For some home insurance companies, it could be just the exterior plantation shutters in Milton that offer the lower home insurance quotes. So, if you get interior options, you may find that you don’t get to benefit in this way. It’s something to talk to your home insurance company about.

The benefit of exterior shutters is protection against the stormy weather. You block the flying debris, which can lower the risks of your windows breaking. This limits the risk of damage inside the house from the storms.

Interior shutters aren’t as great for this. The windows will break, and this can lead to rainwater getting in through the interior shutters.

You Need to Make Sure You Use Them

It’s great having plantation shutters in Milton. They certainly can lower your home insurance. However, you need to make sure you use them properly. If you don’t, it could void your home insurance policy. After all, you’re not working with the safety benefits that lead to the lower quotes.

The reduction in your home insurance may not even be that much. This is such a small part of protecting your home, and there are better options. You can get security systems and cameras set up. Maybe you make sure someone is home sitting every time you are away on vacation. But if you are going to use shutters, make sure you look at any stipulations your home insurance company has so that you can protect that benefit.

Don’t rely on your plantation shutters in Milton to lower your home insurance. While they can, you’re probably not going to save as much as you would think. There are so many other financial benefits to getting them, though.

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